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Check Out the Details on the Elsword Sixth Anniversary Event!

by on May 2, 2017

KOG Games has officially announced the details for the sixth anniversary celebration for the free-to-play MMORPG Elsword. You can also check out some new videos on the special celebration in the players below.

The anniversary for the game kicks off on May 4 and will feature two in-game events, along with new drops and giveaways. Additionally, there will be a Steam-Only Black Friday type of sale and also two new limited edition DLC packages. Also, there will be a Steam giveaway for players.

For Steam, every Elsword player that logs onto the game for at least 10 minutes will receive a notification that they’ve received an item, which is a free Class Change Ticket Cube. The Cube represents an offer for gamers to select one of the following class changes: 1st Job, 2nd Job; or Transcendence Class. Additionally, Steam players that log into the game and access the in-game shop will find a new tab called the “Steam” Tab. This will allow players to buy new items like the Salvatore Rosso Ice Burner packages. These packages will be available in 5+2, 10+4, or 20+10 bundles.

KOG Games has also revealed two new DLC packs. There’s the new Adventure Starter Pack 1 for $10.99 with 1 Skill Slot Change Medal, 1 Extended Quick Slot, and 1 Magic Necklace (II). For $10.99 there is also the Adventurer Starter Pack 2, which features 1 Skill Slot Change Medal, 1 Magic Necklace (II), and 1 Ring of Skills (II) Cube.

Here are also some new additions to the game that exclusive to Steam along with the sixth anniversary events:

  • Buffs For All
  • Physical Attack, Magical Attack +600, 6MP per second (5/02 – 5/16)
  • 200% EXP (5/02 – 5/09 Except 5/04)
  • 300% EXP, 200% Drop Rate, Unlimited Stamina on 5/04
  • Double Rewards
  • Henir Time & Space, Secret Dungeons, Heroic Dungeons
  • Anniversary Party Potion (60% HP MP)
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