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Could This Be The First Footage Of Pokemon Go?

by on March 21, 2016

Pokemon Go, the free-to-play mobile augmented reality game from Nintendo and Niantic, aims to come out this year. The goal of the game is to give people a true feeling of being a Pokemon trainer, as they have to walk around looking for Pokemon, and sometimes battling trainers they come across.

At SXSW, a video appears to have been shown at a Pokemon Go panel, and shows off in-game footage of a trainer capturing a Pokemon. This video also appears to be showing how only certain Pokemon appear in “appropriate” places. Thus adding to the need to travel around to get more Pokemon.

As noted by viewers, this video has not been confirmed by Nintendo to be footage of the game. And the speaker at the Pokemon Go panel, Niantic CEO John Hanke, does not appear or speak during the video.

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