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Conan Exiles Getting Big Patch Soon!

by on February 16, 2017

Conan Exiles has had an up and down start since launching on Steam Early Access. On one hand, their launch was met with great success, and enough people bought the game to ensure profit for the developer. On the other hand, their official servers were shut down, and they’re looking for new partners to help ensure quality service for their players.

But, with unofficial servers allowing the game to be played, the team are working hard on fixing bugs and glitches in the game, as well as just improving the game overall. A big help in making that happen is you the player. Since launch, the team has been listening to feedback, and thus a big patch with many updates are coming soon. You can read the full list of fixes here, below is a snippet of the changes:

Performance and Tech fixes
• Fixes to loading screens
• Server Performance Fixes
• NPCs should be less jittery when rotating
• A fix for connecting to servers via the Steam server browser and when using Steamconnect
• Buildings should now load in much faster
• Placeables placed on foundations and ceiling tiles will now be saved correctly
• Several improvements to how rocks behave when they are harvested
General Bug Fixes and improvements
• Small Placeables will no longer claim land (!)
• NPC Camps now have their own land claim to prevent people from building so close to them that they stop spawning NPCs (!!)
• You should no longer get phantom duplicates in the wheel of pain
• T2 Altars should no longer disappear
• Surrender should no longer break early when using fists
• Removed invisible collision that was blocking a certain chest in the world
• Arrows will now longer shoot in “Random crazy directions”
• Ranged weapons should now always fire correctly
• Rhinos should no longer try to walk through players
• Palisades will now correctly deal damage on contact
• Palisades should now be easier to place
• Fixed a case where players were able to destroy rocks with their fists. Sorry, but this privilege is reserved only for Conan himself.
• Fixed an issue where interactable objects would spam “Press E to interact” on the GUI
• Added an arrow to many placeables to help players orient them correctly
• The Offering of Mitra recipe now correctly requires 1 human heart and 1 unblemished meat
• Fixed an issue with stair placement detection
• The Gong and the Horn will now be audible over greater distances
• Added new emotes that can be learned by tracking down Story NPCs and getting them to teach you
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