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Competitive Play In Overwatch Getting One-Hero Limit!

by on July 12, 2016

There’s a slight danger when it comes to games like Overwatch. With such a diverse lineup, it’s easy for many to be drawn to a singular character, then have many people in online play want to be that singular character. This can lead to unbalanced matches, along with player frustration with those who want fair and even matches.

Blizzard is aware of this, and is going to be changing things in Competitive Play to make sure this doesn’t happen. For in an interview with Gamespot, Blizzard principal designer Scott Mercer stated:

“The big thing for Competitive Play is we’re going to turn on one-hero limit, so players will not be able to stack more than one of the same hero within a Competitive match. It’s not going to affect Quick Play at all, but it is something we’re going to turn on for Competitive.”

Another big issue he’s looking to fix is the tie system:

“We definitely want players to feel like if they had a tie, their time wasn’t completely wasted,” Mercer said. “So we’re trying to find the sweet spot of a lot of players feel like, ‘Oh, well, we got something out of it,’ but at the same time not create situations where players might collude and create some nasty situations there. We’re still discussing that.”

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