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CABAL: Return of Action Goes Mobile

by on July 18, 2023

There is a new MMORPG that you can take with you everywhere, ESTsoft has announced the launch of its new free-to-play mobile game, CABAL: Return of Action. The launch is a mobile version of Cabal Online which pits gamers into a fast-paced combat set in a darkened backdrop.

The game takes players back to the fantasy world of Navereth where warring factions are resurfacing after a prolonged peace spaced out over a millennium. Defenders of the peace must now unite forces to defeat the uprising and drive the enemy back into the shadows.

Furthermore, players wrestle against dark forces that have resurrected from a millennium-long slumber. Gamers can choose from eight dynamic classes and build out their battle plans. The game will allow the customization of characters, weapons, armor, wings, pets, mounts, and vehicles.

In addition, gamers may practice precise timing controls and reflexes to engage the enemy with improved skills. Other new features of the game include automation of systems – auto combat, auto quest, and auto dungeon features.

Another take of the mobile version is the skill requirements of the players. CABAL: Return of Action

  • Requires mastery of skills, buffs, and abilities to defeat foes effectively.
  • Pushes players to explore Nevareth – alone, in duos, or in teams (maximum of 8)
  • Participate in PvP battles, one-on-one duels, guild wars, or massive 100 vs. 100 server-wide battles.

Players will also love the extensive character customization which can easily create a competitive edge against foes. Now, the battle will edge a bit more with each new horde of enemies that you eliminate, and as your mastery of skills and timing advances.

The game is now in beta but is already available for players’ registration. To participate in CABAL: Return of Action beta, players can pre-register and gain access to the closed beta test on iOS or on Android.

The beta testing will run from August 3 to 6.

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