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 Blizzard Promotes Chris Metzen to Director Role

by on October 3, 2023

Game development studio, Blizzard has appointed Chris Metzen as Executive Creative Director of the Warcraft universe. The move has set the web ablaze with Warcraft fans expressing their hope that he will be there this time around.

However, the directives expressed their confidence in Metzen and summarized his responsibilities to World of Warcraft. In specific phrases, the new director will be in charge of “crafting the next generation of adventures.”

This could be a dream come true for gamers. Just imagine a World of Warcraft 2!  This is not too far-fetched to conclude a new version is in the making. After all, Blizzard is known for capitalizing on a good lead.

As World of Warcraft has grown older, matters can sometimes become a bit more difficult from a technical standpoint. A case in point is the recent struggle to tear down barriers between the Alliance and Horde.

Adding the two factions hasn’t been a straightforward affair since WoW wasn’t initially designed with that possibility in mind. Some of the delay was due to being cautious with the players, but the developers have also quoted technical difficulties.

Another example relates to cross-faction groups, Putting together cross-faction groups has resulted in some oddities. For example, we cannot queue for timewalking dungeons when we have an entire group, but we can queue for a cross-faction raid.

There are situations like these that indicate the time has come for a new World of Warcraft. After 19 years, a new game would enable them to build things more stable.  One that gives them more levers to improve and optimize the game as it progresses

If they announce or launch WoW2 next year, it would be a great 20th-anniversary celebration. But launching WoW2 next year seems unlikely. They would have to be working on it for many years before that happens.


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