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Blizzard Denies Intentions To Port Diablo III To Nintendo Switch

by on March 2, 2018

What was up with that tweet from Blizzard yesterday? Did they just tease Diablo III for Switch?

There’s a very apt saying in the world today that goes, “Don’t believe everything you see.” Or maybe even more apt, “Not everything on the internet is true,” Well, Blizzard fans just found this out the hard way, as a tweet that was posted by the developer recently has been debunked of its fan rumors.

Long story short, Blizzard posted a picture of a Diablo III nightlight switching on and off, and fans took that to mean that Diablo was coming to Switch. Well, Blizzard released a statement today stating that they meant the tweet to be: “a fun community engagement piece.”

Sorry, looks like it’s not happening.

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