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Black Desert Online to Launch Permanent Season Servers

by on September 16, 2023

Black Desert Online studio has revealed plans to extend its Season Server system. In an impressive system overhaul, the company will make significant changes to accommodate new players.

According to the studio, the program will start on September 20, 2023. The Season Server in Black Desert Online offers accelerated character growth and offers a streamlined experience for new players. The servers are primarily designed to allow gamers to gain experience and gear faster.

Season Servers last about 3 months, after which the players “graduate” and move their characters to the regular servers. The main attraction is the “Tuvala” gear, which players can acquire and enhance more easily. They can also be transferred to the main servers, doubling their value.

As of September 20th, Black Desert Online will be introducing a new system where Season Servers will be open all the time! This new system allows players to start their Season Server journey at any time with a Season Character.

In addition, the Season Server will also include “Growth Hot Time” 24/7, which means that players will gain 300% combat experience, 100% skill experience, and 30% life experience, and all items gathered with gathering tools will be doubled.

When you’re a new player and you have a Season Ticket, but decide after playing a bit that you want to delete your character, you can still join a Season Server. Season Tickets are only consumed when you “graduate” from the server.

The announcement by Black Desert Online that Season Servers are now available all the time is a welcome change for the community, especially for new players. It offers flexibility for players so that they can get into seasonal content at their own pace.

Notably, the move will increase new player enrollment since novices will find a way to up their skill faster. Returning will be able to transfer their old character which they will continue to use in the game.

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