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Black Desert Online Sells Over 400,000 Copies in a Month! Get All the Sales Data Here!

by on April 5, 2016

It looks like Black Desert Online is fast on its way to becoming quite a big runaway success. Daum Games officially announced that Black Desert Online has already sold 400,000 copies in its first month of releaes in European and North American markets. In addition, it’s already expected to become one of the most successful games from Korea in the west.

Speaking on the announcement Daum Games Europe CEO Min Kim stated: “Considering the upward trend, I expect that the game will achieve over one million sales this year. What’s impressive is these figures far exceed those in the domestic market.”

According to Daum Games, they are crediting the game’s success with a premium business model for the game’s Western release instead of the free-to-play model used for Black Desert Online in Korea. In the US, after purchasing the game once, players have access to all content updates for free after they become available. In addition, Daum plans to catch up on the Korean service with monthly content updates that European and North American players will also be able to have access to and enjoy.

Black Desert Online

Daum Games also revealed that the cash shop for the game is doing well too. The game has a reported average of 100,000 concurrent users.

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