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Bitcraft Sets Alpha in Early 2024

by on September 28, 2023

Games studio Clockwork Labs is getting ready to send MMORPG Bitcraft to Alpha in early 2024. The company has focused on a pair of musical composers and vocalists to set the tone for its tests.

Bitcraft, Clockwork Labs’ independent, cross-platform MMORPG, is close to alpha, and composer Austin Wintory has gone to work with Canadian vocalist and composer Rachel Hardy to create the game’s music.

With Bitcraft, you will become part of the Age of Automata, an important time in gaming history. You will learn how to create your own legend by exploring, creating, and collaborating in this sandbox world on your own or together with others.

Throughout the game, you can create or take part in different civilizations. This includes building, crafting, hunting, farming, trading, and of course, exploring.

As you blend into the game’s world, you’ll find ruins, a sense of history, artifacts, flora, and fauna, as well as many other things to explore. You’ll be able to decide how you’ll live. You may build a giant city or live in a small village.

Among Wintory’s works are Flow, Journey, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, The Banner Saga franchise, and Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical.

The co-founder of Clockwork Labs spoke about why he thought he would be an excellent candidate for the world they are building in a release.

β€œA game that pushes the boundaries of what an MMORPG can do needed a remarkable soundtrack, so it was only natural that we reached out to the incomparable Austin Wintory to craft a one-of-a-kind score for our release,” he said.

Austin Wintory himself was also quoted and expanded on the collaboration between himself and Rachel Hardy. Saying

β€œIt’s a lovely game that calls for a poignant and unique score, and also because it afforded me an opportunity to collaborate on the music with my friend Rachel Hardy. Many know her for her singing and I’m excited for just as many to know her for her original compositions!”

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