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ARK: Survival Evolved Gets a Terror Bird! Find Out More on the Latest Additions!

by on February 5, 2016

Studio Wildcard has officially announced some new content for ARK: Survival Evolved with a new update. The new content for the game includes a new dino with the Terror Bird, and the versatile Grappling Hook. In addition, the Tribal Allances feature has been implemented. You can check out a new spotlight video for the new features below.

The Terror Bird (Phorusrhacidae Rapidsultor) is a tamable and aggressive avian that can pull off speed springs and some brief leaps. It doesn’t fly, but it is capable for sustained “Joust”-like glides or leaps. The Terror Bird is tamable and ridable in the game, so it can be used as a combat mount for harassing and scouting.

The Grappling Hook is a new tool that allows players to scale cliffs, hitch rides on flying creatures, wrangle players and prisoners and also drag along small creatures. Here’s a breakdown of some of the other new features for today’s update:

  • Tribe Alliances (PvE and PvP): Yes, finally, small Tribes can band together against larger ones.
  • Fishing Upgrade: Coelacanth Nutritia, common name Coel, are now different sizes (and give different amount of resources depending on the fish size…gives the rare chance of a super-large catch!)
  • Fully Localizable Game Text:¬†You can crowd-source translation and dynamic fonts for any language without Modding/TC’s.
  • All Current Items added to the Master Items ID array.

ARK: Survival Evolved is set for an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launch later this summer. The game is currently available for Windows PC on Steam. You can also check out a photo still of the grappling hook in action below.

Ark - Grappling Hook

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