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Albion Online Wild Blood Update Touts New Potions and More

by on October 5, 2023

MMORPG game Albion Online is set to launch its Wild Blood update with new tracking and potions. There are many new features that are coming in this update that will completely change the way it is played.

Start by making a Tracking Toolkit. Search for rare creatures’ tracks in the Outlands and the Red Zones on the Royal Continent. Click on the track or use your toolkit to reveal nearby tracks. With higher-tier toolkits, you can track even more creatures.

The first three animals you will be able to track are panthers, spirit bears, and Sylvians. Each creature has two sizes, which determines how many people you can bring with you to the game.

A creature of the smaller size is intended for 1-3 players, while the larger creature is intended for 4-8 players. Unless you have the required party size, you will not be allowed to follow the track.

The real fun begins once you’re able to follow the tracks. Your party must work together to find different tracks or the target, and members can collaborate to read tracks more quickly.

When all party members get tracking Fame, their tracking skills will be boosted. You won’t have to start over if the creature flees, as any damage it receives will remain.

There are a number of new items that can be obtained from defeated targets, including animal remains, rare ingredients, and artifacts that can be used to craft the enchanting potions, the seven new potions, and the Shapeshifter Weapons

Among the new potions are the cleansing potion, which can be obtained from Sylvian roots, and can cleanse damage over time, remove crowd control, and remove debuffs.

With Shapeshifter Weapons set to be a highlight of Wild Blood, they will be taking a deep dive into the development process. They will begin by showing how closely related the two features are.

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