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Warren Spector Proud Of Deus Ex Influence On Video Games!

by on July 11, 2017

Just how important is sales to a guy like Warren Spector? How impactful does he feel Deus Ex is?

Video games are a complicated business, because while it’s true that developers want their games to sell well, they also want them to be memorable, to be respected by all who play them, and if possible, make an impact in the genre they’re in.

For the title known as Deus Ex, the game helped redefine the RPG genre, creating a feeling that many hadn’t experienced save for tabletop game, and for one of the heads of the game, Warren Spector, he reveals that legacy was more important to him then reviews or sales.

“I couldn’t care less about sales. I don’t care much about reviews, I don’t read reviews,” Spector said on IGN Unfiltered. “Influence is very important to me. I’m now old enough that the word legacy means something to me… but leaving something behind is very important to me.”

He went on to note how the team went about making the game:

 “In Deus Ex, what we were trying to do was lay out the skeleton of a story—here’s why what you’re doing is important—and then let players own the minute to minute, and have every player finishing the game having had a unique experience,” he said. “I heard from a lot of players, and so I know we succeeded at that. Players had unique experiences and they did things that we didn’t know could be done in the game that we made.”
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