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Dark Souls: Remastered

Dark Souls: Remastered Gets New Gameplay Trailer

by Todd Blackon April 27, 2018
Any new looks on Dark Souls: Remastered? Like a new trailer? The world is looking forward to seeing the original Dark Souls being reborn asĀ Dark Souls: Remastered. The game will not only improve the graphics but also improve certainĀ faults and glitches that the original title had when it released oh so long ago. Below is […]
Dark Souls: Remastered

Dark Souls: Remastered Comparison Video

by Todd Blackon April 5, 2018
Just how different will Dark Souls: Remastered look compared to the original? Will it truly be better? While the original Dark Souls was a beloved title, it did have its flaws. To that end, From Software is bringing the original game back with better graphics and new updates via Dark Souls: Remastered. However, that still […]