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No Man’s Sky PS4 Patch Coming This Week

by on August 24, 2016

With a game as massive as No Man’s Sky, it’s very believable that there would be plenty of bugs in it, both before and after launch. The team at Hello Games have been working non-stop to ensure that the game gets fixed on all levels so players can enjoy their title.

The team even went to Twitter to release a series of tweets talking about the fixes they have put in the game, such as a small patch they released last Friday and Sunday:

“Patch 1.04 fixes 75% of crash issues for PS4 was released Friday. Patch 1.05 fixes 87% of crash issues for PS4 was released Sunday”.

They also revealed another patch for PS4 coming out this week:

“Patch 1.06 fixes 90% of crash issues for PS4 is in testing and will release this week”.

Though small in their function, Hello Games are using these patches to slowly but sure fix the game on all platforms, and they promised to not stop until it’s all fixed:

“We obviously won’t stop until these issues are 100% resolved. Also these patches contain other fixes and improvements too. Thanks all”

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