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New Breakdowns Of XCOM 2 Mods Arrive!

by on April 30, 2016

Firaxis is very open about allowing “official” mods into their came XCOM 2. They even teamed up with Long War Studios, who made the Long War mod for the original XCOM to make 5 official mods for the sequel. The first one is available now, IGN got the official breakdown:

“Called Toolbox, this mod offers several new options and tweaks including interface enhancements that allow you to bring up to 12 XCOM operatives into battle – up from the standard of six – plus configurable camera rotation and display soldier stats in more menus. Additionally, it implements Long War Studios’ versions of several options from XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s Second Wave pack: Hidden Potential (randomized soldier stats), Red Fog (stat penalties for wounded soldiers), and Damage Roulette (increased damage variation). Though much of this functionality is already available through community-created mods, this version has Firaxis’ blessing and was created with developer support, suggesting it might work more smoothly.”

They also got details on the next mods to come out:

“The second mod, with a release date to be announced, is called the Perk Pack, which Long War Studios describes as “a solder class construction kit.”

The third mod, the Laser Pack, will be available at the same time as the Perk Pack. This will introduce a brand-new tier of weapon to XCOM 2, presumably based on Enemy Unknown’s lasers.

The fourth mod is the Alien Pack, and includes exactly what its name implies: 10 new alien enemy types. These enemies are as yet unknown, but if Long War Studios’ previous Muton Centurion mod is any indication, we can expect reskinned variants of existing XCOM 2 enemies.”

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