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Human Revolution To Have Much Better Boss Fights!

by on July 28, 2016

In RPG’s, the boss fights and how you play the game are essential. In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, though there were plenty of ways to play, offering true choices for the gamer, the boss fights felt more rigid, and less flexible. This, for many, brought down the game from what it could’ve been.

In an interview with IGN, Eidos’ Olivier Proulx, who is a producer on the upcoming Mankind Divided, talked about what they wanted to fix for the new game, and boss fights were at the top of the list:

We’re always thinking ‘what does it mean to have boss fights in a Deus Ex game in 2016?’ You will have some important encounters, but are they boss fights? I think at this point, it’s semantics. But you’ll certainly have some intense encounters with some key characters at different moments in the game.

But going back to your original question – we thought the traversal mechanics were a bit weak in Human Revolution. So we wanted to make sure Mankind Divided feels good when you’re on the controller, and you’re running around the environment. When you start shooting the aim down sights is natural, and we’ve improved the cover system. From a combat perspective, we wanted to have more depth in weapon customization. We have very aggressive augmentations as well, that you’re activating on your controller. Not that Mankind Divided is a ‘combat game’ – we want both combat and stealth to be real options for the player. That element of choice is stronger because the game is solid on both sides.

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