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Check Out the New Plantoid Species Pack DLC Trailer for Stellaris!

by on July 12, 2016

Some new life is about to arrive in the Stellaris Universe. Paradox Development Studio officially announced a new DLC pack for the sci-fi strategy game Stellaris in the Species Pack. The upcoming Species Pack is due out soon, and it will over players new phenotypes to play with in their expansion across the galaxy. You can also heck out a new gameplay trailer for the Plantoids Species Pack in the player below.

The first species pack for the game is called Plantoids. This introduces sentient plant life to the universe of Stellaris. These plants have decided to reach for the stars and started to spread their tendrils across the galaxy. They are planting the roots of new civilizations on new planets. The Stellaris game artists have also created 15 new portraits, an original cityscape backdrop and new ship models for gamers’ neighbors.

Paradox also confirmed the sale of the original Stellaris soundtrack, composed by Andreas Waldetoft and the e-book Stellaris: infinite Frontiers. The book was written by Steven Savile, and it’s an original story about humanity’s first contact with an alien race and the questions that raises. The e-book and the strack are available now at the Paradox Interactive store and Steam.

The Plantoids Species Pack drops on August 4.

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