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Blizzard “Super-Happy” With Diablo III Sales On Switch

by on May 16, 2019

How Did Diablo III do on Nintendo Switch? Is Blizzard pleased with the results?

Ever since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, and the outpouring of support from 3rd party developers, gamers were hoping that Blizzard would join that list. Sure enough, they brought Diablo III to the Switch with some special Nintendo-themed content. And according to Blizzard’s head J. Allen Brack, they’re very happy with the results of the port:

“We’re super-happy. Nintendo’s been a great partner. We’re a fan of that platform, a fan of Nintendo, a fan of the Nintendo IP, a fan of the Switch. It’s a really good platform and it’s really fun to play on. Different games have come about that are good experiences. Part of it is Nintendo love, plus thinking that the Diablo experience would be great on that platform. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I loved it.”

Does that mean more Blizzard/Nintendo collaborations are coming? Possibly:

“It’s not ridiculous. We’d like to have – we think of it as another platform. It has some unique properties that the Xbox and Sony platforms don’t have. Thinking about what games make sense for that type of console is something we’ll never stop doing.”

What games will come next? We’ll have to wait and see.

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