You're a gym leader. What's your pokemon type?

Discussion in 'Pokémon' started by SLTE, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. SLTE

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    And yes, sub-types are allowed. I am not crazy.

    I go with a normal-type. I've always loved normal-types - probably because brown is one of my favourite colours - and I find they're best at covering multiple bases. They don't do as well as other types at specific tasks, but as an overall choice I find it hard to go wrong with normal.

    As for a team:
    • Snorlax. Because... Snorlax.
    • Pidgeot. I've always appreciated the original flyer. Also has a Mega form.
    • Ursaring. A bulky power hitter to replace Snorlax should the lead tank go down.
    • PorygonZ. Crazy looking, and good at special attacks.
    • Girafarig. Good for dealing with the inevitable appearance of Gengar, because everybody uses freaking Gengar.
    • Bouffalant. DAT FRO
  2. West

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    Thank God for no Miltank in OP's build.

    I'd probably choose Dark, because there isn't a Dark gym leader yet. I'd love to have an Electric-type gym, because Electric is one of my favorite types but almost every game has one of those. Freaking Magnemites abound.

    Anyway, my team:

    * Absol. Weird and emo (like most dark-types) but you honestly can't forget the Pokemon who was the FACE of Dark for a while.
    * Zorua. Shiny. Zorua is an alright Poke if you refuse to evolve him. And I really just want a shiny Zorua on my team.
    * Weavile. It's been a while since I played competitive Pokemon but I remember Weavile used to be really weirdly overpowered.
    * Bisharp. Really big weaknesses in some areas, but if used correctly he's a really nice sweeper.
    * Houndoom. He has a mega evolution, and he'd be a good counter against potential Bug types.
    * Malamar. Weird looking, but a strong counter against potential fighting types.
  3. SLTE

    SLTE Well-Known Member Regular

    What, you didn't like fighting Whitney? She was so fun.

    And solid team. It is strange that there hasn't been a dark-type gym leader yet, though at least to make up for it there have been three dark-type members of the Elite Four.
  4. fuumarumota

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    I guess mine would be a poison type gym leader.

    The team:

    Crobat - Poison/Flying
    Muk - Poison / Its a tank, lots of HP and good special stats.
    Tentacruel - Water/Pioson
    Gengar - Ghost / Poison (Has mega a form).
    Beedrill - Bug/Poison (Has a mega form).
    Toxicroak - Poison / Fight

  5. West

    West Well-Known Member Regular

    Fighting Whitney ruined my childhood.

    I'm sure they'll get around to it. I wonder what kind of setting a dark gym would be? Maybe like some kind of spooky cathedral or graveyard?
  6. fuumarumota

    fuumarumota Well-Known Member Regular

    Or maybe a government office could do.
  7. SLTE

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    That would be hilarious. Either a DMV or a tax office. Long lines full of depressed-looking adults, waiting to get audited, that you need to weave through to get at the evil government worker trainers. And all of the pokemon are wearing shirts and ties, and their cries are all complaints about their pensions.
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  8. fuumarumota

    fuumarumota Well-Known Member Regular

    Hahaha, this will make my day.

    "Frustrated citizen Joe wants to fight"
  9. StillWinning

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    I would have weird pokemon with abilities that didn't necessarily fit them. Ambiguous, I guess, would be the term. Just a really peculiar fight where you have to approach pokemon that you're used to in a totally different way than usual, like a blastoise with dig. That type of thing that makes you wonder, it's so much more fun that way.
  10. DanaFoxScully

    DanaFoxScully Well-Known Member Regular

    This sounds pretty cool. I guess it'd be something no one would really expect. Any specific Pokemon you'd want to have?
  11. Navi45

    Navi45 Member Regular

    I would so have a dragon gym. Yes I know... hurr durr...another dragon lover. But I love dragon designs and their adaptability. If I couldn't have dragons I would probably have a steel or fire or ground gym. Most likely steel though.

    Whoops, almost forgot about the Roster...

    1) Magnaton
    2) Skarmory
    4) Aegislash
    5) Mega Mawile (or regular if restrictions apply)
    6) Scizor

    1) Salamence
    2) kingdra
    3) Dragonite
    4) Flygon
    5) Garchomp
    6) Hydreigon
  12. SolaNova

    SolaNova Well-Known Member Regular

    I would probably choose electric type. I dunno just have an affinity toward them

    1. Luxray
    2. Magnezone
    3. Raichu
    4. Galvantura
    5. Lanturn
    6. Ampharos or Electrode

    I would try to take advantage of dual typing as much as I could but the move set is not exceptionally diverse with only Thunder Wave and Gastro Acid capable of inflicting any status conditions.
  13. SLTE

    SLTE Well-Known Member Regular

    I would pity any newbie pokemon trainers trying to tackle your dragon gym. Have fun getting to the Pokemon League, kids, this one's tougher than most of the Elite Four!
  14. Navi45

    Navi45 Member Regular


    Oh gawd. I had to literally catch my breathe for how hard I was laughing.

    I was thinking too much of my favorite Pokemon from each type that I totally neglected the actual viability of people taking on my gym. So either I have to use un-evolved forms of my pokemon....or those Elite 4 members better start training harder to compete with me.

    As for the newbies...they can just level grind (or ice/fairy me to death). No one ever said pokemon was for the weak. :p
  15. SLTE

    SLTE Well-Known Member Regular

    In fairness, the games where you get to re-battle the gym leaders (specifically thinking of HeartGold / SoulSilver) show them with basically two teams: one they use against anyone they face, and one they use against you as a champion. So technically you can stick with what you've got and still be right.
  16. thecorinthian

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    I'm obsessede with Dragon-type pokemons, especially if they're dragon elementals. I used to catch all the Gyarados and Charizard I could find. They don't need to fly they just need to have the blood of dragons. I guess my trainer type would be more of a warrior living in the mountains or isolated somewhere in the middle of the ocean.
  17. qag

    qag Well-Known Member Regular

    I'd like to use Dark type Pokemon... just to be the first gym leader to use them....

    As for a team, not sure.

    Probably something like Zoroark/Bisharp/Weavile/Hydreigon/Houndoom
  18. Blader70

    Blader70 Well-Known Member Regular

    I would probably choose dragon

    My Team: