Your Favorite GF (Guardian Forces) Summons

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy' started by DeeDee, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. DeeDee

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    I haven't gotten to play all the versions of Final Fantasy so I mostly only have FF8 and Crisis Core to go by but of those games I have gotten familiar with a few summons and I have a few favorites, mostly just for the look as I don't really know how much better they are at damage than the rest. That said, my favorites are shiva and bahamut, because they have similar aesthetics and it's this type of power animation that really appeals to me.

    What are your favorite GF summons?
  2. SLTE

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    Going with strictly FFVIII GFs, I was always partial to Doomtrain, for strictly aesthetic purposes. I can't remember if it was overly useful or not. Tonberry, too, though mainly because Tonberries are one of my favourite Final Fantasy races.

    Speaking for summons at large, I think my overall favourite is Anima, from Final Fantasy X. Equal parts badass and horribly tortured, and just amazing in game play overall. Pulling out Anima was a sure way to break some of even the tougher boss battles. I'd throw Sin in here, too, because it's technically a summon, but... not in the same way.

    (Man. Imagine summoning Sin in battle. I almost wish somebody would mod that into the game.)
  3. Ishmael

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    Yojimbo, from FFX. He's the coolest. You can one-shot the hardest bosses with him. :p
  4. KaseyHopeMartin

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    Oh man... that's a hard one. I really love Shiva and Bahamut, but I think in general my favorite versions of the GF's were in FF7-1, when Yuna is a priestess or whatever it was (don't judge me it's been years and years since I've owned a PS). Those were my absolute favorite versions of all of them.
  5. SereneAngel88

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    He's cool but I think you need to give him lots of money in order for him to pull that off.It's a toss up between him, Shiva and Odin in my book.