When is the release date of WotLK classic?

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    Blizzard has not confirmed the exact release date of WotLK classic, but it is expected to come sometime in 2022. The beta is expected to take place in July or August

    This is because the classic edition of Burning Crusade is entitled to a beta period of only more than three months. From March 23, 2022 to June 2 of the same year, it will be officially deployed and expanded. When the players of the classic version of worldofwarcraft basically more than three months after the deployment phase 6 begins (December3,2022), it also begins. The burning expedition classic prepatch takes place from May18 to June2,2021. The crazy pace of content deployment is followed by a new phase every three months (give or take):

    Pre Patch: May18,2021

    Phase 1: June 2, 2021

    Phase II: September 15, 2021

    Phase III: January 19, 2022

    Phase 4: March 24, 2022

    Phase 5: May 12, 2022

    Theoretically, it has been announced that Phase 5 will officially conclude on May 12 in August 2022, which means that the pre-patch testing phase will begin in July and be officially deployed in mid-August or even early September. Based on this premise, the only condition is to plan the same content deployment scheme for WotLK as TBC, so we can easily imagine deploying the beta in June 2022. Moreover, this will be perfect because the "small event" Xbox´┐ŻBethesda Games Showcase will be held on June 12. With the continuous acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, we can assume that such an announcement can bring a good image for the company, even if the agreement was not reached!

    Therefore, in our opinion, WotLK classic can be deployed in the last week of August or in the first two weeks of September at the latest. Therefore, pre patch will again take two to three weeks, and the beta version will last only three months. Also. This corresponds to the first version of Classic deployed in August, which is a great success: players will not blame Blizzard for forcing them to choose between the summer vacation and the long-awaited Classic!

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