What New RPG are you currently playing?

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by Lucky1200, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Lucky1200

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    What new RPG are you currently playing right now? I am not looking for anything too old or too new, just want to know what you are playing right this moment are replaying for fun? I am actually playing The Witcher 3 at the moment and a few others at the same time, but I am going to go and play some new games that have come out because I am getting a little bored for the moment.

    What are you playing?
  2. Blader70

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    Not playing much now, but looking to play games like Fallout, Mass Effect and god eater.
  3. Athanas

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    There are a number of RPG games people are playing in 2019. Though I prefer the old stuff to the new ones, I have played new ones such as Anthem and Kingdom hearts III.
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  4. Lucky1200

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    I love Kingdom Hearts II at the moment. I have two boys 10 and 7 they have me playing the game on their ps4 account too lol. They are trying to play a little bit, but they are still new to the RPG world. They have beat every lego game that we have bought them though except Lord of rings and Harry Potter because those were for me hehe. They want to feel so important with the Kingdom Heart game so I told them that I would help them play. They have even beat the Overcooked game I know off topic, but they are great gamers especially when it comes to some really good educational and structural games. Thanks for sharing.