What got you into RPG games?

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by SereneAngel88, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. overcast

    overcast Well-Known Member Regular

    I think my brother and cousin played the game. And it seems like a good approach for me to get known in those games. You can see that some of the time games such as those can be really good on that part. I think many gamers are good with those new RPG games these days.
  2. razer

    razer Well-Known Member Regular

    The original Deus Ex got me into the RPG genre. It was obviously much more open in every way than the other games I was playing at the time, like Half-Life, and I liked the idea of (almost) absolute freedom and character development.
    Edit : Bah, I forgot I posted in this thread already. At least I'm consistent.
  3. dellmininotebook

    dellmininotebook Member Regular

    I have been a big fan of storyline games. My cousin told me about RPG game and told me that it is the game of my type. I purchased its first title and found it very interesting. Now I am addicted to playing this game. It gives a realistic story touch in my mind.
  4. dionnextherese

    dionnextherese Well-Known Member Regular

    It all started when I started playing Zelda and Pokemon games, they were my childhood games and until now I still play some RPG games.
  5. Athanas

    Athanas Well-Known Member Regular

    Many people become used to playing games when inschool. They see thieir friends playing.
  6. overcast

    overcast Well-Known Member Regular

    I think that seems to be the case with most people out there. I had no gadgets. And it seems like the games were introduced to me. So it was fun that way.
  7. Athanas

    Athanas Well-Known Member Regular

    I have a few friends playing RPG games inorder to satisfy their spirit of adventure. The moment they feel that they have played a certain game over and over again until it becomes boring, they shift and try new ones. The process continues that way throughout their life.
  8. fishbate

    fishbate Well-Known Member Regular

    Its very enticing and enjoyable, RPG's are always in trend because gamer's want something to portray specially in a for of a game. The strategy and excitement for is what gives an edge on other gaming platforms.
  9. overcast

    overcast Well-Known Member Regular

    I have seen some of the RPG games which are changing these days. And they can be fun on mobile. I have mostly seen browser games to be dying because they seem to be adding no new value to the universe.
  10. Athanas

    Athanas Well-Known Member Regular

    Mobile gaming is really growing day after day. Since most of these games are available on mobile devices which are affordable in many countries, many people venture into playing the games.
  11. pmk1996

    pmk1996 Active Member Regular

    I can't remember how exactly I got into RPG. I didn't even know final fantasy was RPG having played the game for about five years. I fell in love with them eventually.