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Discussion in 'The Division' started by Kitty Reeves, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Kitty Reeves

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    I have not personally played The Division yet (though I remember seeing the trailers for it years ago, and it looked good.) but my friend showed me this, aaaand I might rethink buying the game. o_O
  2. qag

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    While the launch situation for the division was admittedly super bad (That video being proof.) I wouldn't let that video turn you off from the game if you're really interested in it, the whole "line simulator" issue doesn't really exist anymore.
  3. aquaticneko

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    I bought this game and I was disappointed myself. I did find the game to be very repetitive with not much satisfaction. I mean, you do the same thing for so little results I just didn't get into it. Maybe it is because it isn't my favorite genre of games.
  4. OursIsTheFury

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    I am actually impressed with this, because normally people would just start killing each other to get to their destination. It's an online game, after all. But here we are, we see people falling in line, patiently waiting for their turn to talk to the NPCs in front of the pile. What does this say about the gamers who are playing it? It's really great, as it's a step in the right direction, as normally people would create chaos for such an inconvenient part of the game. No action, just waiting, standing in line, and they are actually doing it.
  5. DeeDee

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    That's pretty funny. I never liked too much realism in games and this might be the pinnacle of it right here. It's actually somewhat amusing from a spectator standpoint but I'm sure it's frustrating when you're actually playing the game.
  6. UnslaadKrosis

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    The Division isn't for players who want a tactical and strategic approach to combat. It isn't for players who want to evaluate all of the available options before engaging a target. It is for players who, after a day of exhausting work and mental fatigue, just want to enjoy their free time shooting at people. And that's about it.