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    Taken straight from the novels, if anyone is asking:

    - 10,000 BE: Last of the Giganticus Lupicus (The Great Giants) disapear from the Tyrian continent.

    - 205 BE: Humans appear on the Tyrian continent.

    - 100 BE: Humans drive the charr out of Ascalon.

    - 1 BE: The Human Gods give magic to the races of Tyria.

    0 AE: The Exodus of the Human Gods.

    - 2 AE: Orr becomes an independent nation.

    - 300 AE: Kryta established as a colony of Elona.

    - 358 AE: Kryta becomes an independent nation.

    - 898 AE: The Great Northern Wall is erected.

    ~Beginning of Guild Wars~

    - 1070 AE: The Charr Invasion of Ascalon ~The Searing~

    - 1071 AE: The Sinking of Orr.

    - 1072 AE: Ascalonian refugees flee to Kryta.

    - 1075 AE: Kormir ascends into godhood.

    - 1078 AE: Primordus (The Elder Dragon of Fire) stirs but does not awaken.
    The Asura appear on the surface.
    The Transformation of the Dwarves.

    - 1080 AE: King Adelbern of Ascalon recalls the Ebon Vanguard; Ebonhawke is established.

    - 1088 AE: Kryta unifies behind Queen Salma.

    ~End of Guild Wars~

    - 1090 AE: The Charr legions take Ascalon City ~The Foefire~

    - 1105 AE: Durmand Priory is established in the Shiverpeaks.

    - 1112 AE: The Charr erect the Black Citadel over the ruins of the city of Rin in Ascalon.

    - 1116 AE: Kalla Scorchrazor leads the rebellion against the Flame Legion's shaman caste.

    - 1120 AE: Primordus has awaken...

    - 1165 AE: Jormag (The Elder Dragon of Ice) has awaken...
    Norn flee south into the Shiverpeaks.

    - 1180 AE: The centaur prophet Ventari dies by the Pale Tree, leaving behind the Ventari Tablet.

    - 1219 AE: Zhaitan (The Elder Dragon of Death) has awaken...
    Orr rises from the sea.
    Lion's Arch floods.

    - 1220 AE: Divinity's Reach is founded in the Krytan province of Shaemoor.

    - 1230 AE: Corsairs and other pirates occupy the slowly drying ruins of Lion's Arch.

    - 1302 AE: The 1st born Sylvari appear from the Pale Tree, in Tarnished Coast.

    - 1320 AE: Kralkatorrik (The Elder Dragon of Crystal) awakens...
    Creation of the Dragonband.
    Founding of the Vigil.
    Adventuring group Destiny's Edge part ways.

    - 1324 AE: Guild Wars 2...
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    Now we forge GW2! Thanks, i haven't seen this before.
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    Great list- Perfect when you want to learn the basics.
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    thanks for sharing this. :)
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    Thanks for sharing! Definitely clears up a lot of things.
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