Too Similar To Destiny?

Discussion in 'The Division' started by troutski, May 3, 2015.

  1. troutski

    troutski Well-Known Member Regular

    Of course, The Division isn't a Sci-Fi game, but Ubisoft's approach to the game is quite similar to Bungie's approach to Destiny. The games should run similar as a shooter with RPG and MMO elements. Do you think The Division will suffer from the same issues as Destiny, though?
  2. Corten

    Corten Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't mind, but I hope they fix Destiny's issues, mainly they put a good story into the game. Destiny had a really interesting premise, but they failed to deliver a deep thought-out lore or they just cut it out of the final version. I hope they won't do the same with The Division, but it's Ubisoft, so I don't have high hopes.
  3. troutski

    troutski Well-Known Member Regular

    Ubisoft used to give us gamers a reason for high hopes, but it's been a long time since it's been like that. I'd like to see some elements from Destiny incorporated into The Division, but we'll see what happens.
  4. andkno

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    I don't think so, they are completely different developers, it would be weird for them to suffer the same issues as destiny, even if the approach is similar I don't think that the similarities will be that many
  5. Kesh

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    I'm sure on some level they'll have elements that are reminiscent of one another. For example, when Destiny was released it was done so without taking all of the feedback of beta players, and I'm pretty confident that The Division is likely to stumble in that arena as well. It's not like the FPSMMO genre is exclusive to Destiny, as there have been plenty of games to try the formula and fail, the difference is that Bungie eventually learned that the only way to succeed in a technically demanding genre is to also focus on what the players want, rather than focusing entirely on the vision they had for the game.
  6. They are two completely different games. I doubt the similarity will be so great that they're "too alike". Different premises, different settings. Not some sci-fi game like destiny, this is Splinter Cell.
  7. Ishmael

    Ishmael Well-Known Member Regular

    This is the same thing I thought, too. It's a shoot 'n' loot game, just like Destiny so yes they do come from the same basic structure. But Destiny is instanced, while The Division is a completely open world game. In The Division players are more of a threat than in Destiny, since you have to fight against them (and even betray them sometimes) to get the best stuff to equip. Destiny is a more classic coop experience, but in The Division the line between friend or foe is blurred so it's more tense and exciting, or at least it should be.
  8. FuZyOn

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    Yeah, the structure may be the same but I don't think the games would be too similar. We might see some things that will be common, but that would only be a minor thing in the long run.
  9. TheMaddyMonster

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    Ubisoft is kind of a tease. I think they might be making it look like it'll be a dystopian Destiny type of game because that's what's currently popular right now but it'll end up being just different enough that people don't think "oh, this is just like Destiny".
  10. Ishmael

    Ishmael Well-Known Member Regular

    Also, I think Ubisoft can realize by itself that if people wanted a Destiny game, they would play Destiny with the new expansions coming out, right? :D
  11. beccagreen

    beccagreen Well-Known Member Regular

    Probably not since Ubisoft is actually marketing it as it should be, or at least I hope so. But for the most I wouldn't mind at all since Destiny is a pretty cool game and I also think Ubisoft got a hold of the news of what happened and knowing how much Ubisoft hates losing and risking money, I say they wouldn't dare mess around with this game.
  12. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson Well-Known Member Regular

    There are a lot of superficial similarities to Destiny, which I thought was a fairly good game, even if the plot wasn't and there was a ton of additional DLC. The games are from different developers so theres no real reason for the same situation to develop. Ubisoft are unlikely to fall into the same traps, and even though the games have superficial similarities, I have a feeling they're going to end up being very different games.
  13. harlek

    harlek Active Member Regular

    I think they'll be pretty similar in terms of mechanics but other than that, I don't see that much else to pin at. But who knows, maybe Ubisoft would pull off the same crap Bungie did with Destiny so that might count as another similarity but so far I don't think that would happen, at least I hope it doesn't.
  14. ilivetofly

    ilivetofly Member Regular

    I think that yes the games will be similar when looking from an outsider perspective. I think from the players point of view however the game will play out to be very different.

    I am actually buying Destiny in a few days and am looking forward to playing it out. The trouble I have noticed is there is not much back story and the mild backstory that is there is quite hard to find... Did you know that the Wizards in Destiny are actually female?
  15. Ishmael

    Ishmael Well-Known Member Regular

    Playing Destiny now means that you have to buy all the expansions and DLCs to be on par with everyone else though. I was thinking of playing it too, but maybe I'll just wait for a GOTY Edition once it comes on PC (if it does) or something like that.
  16. ilivetofly

    ilivetofly Member Regular

    Yeah I can understand that, I have my birthday and christmas coming up within a few weeks and months respectively and so think I will be easily able to get up to par with everyone else. In addition I have a lot of friends that play online and play Destiny and so think they will be able to help me and I will be able to socialise with them (they have moved far away).

    With The Division I am not as sure I will have the social aspect.
  17. Cyborg Superman

    Cyborg Superman Well-Known Member Regular

    Being similar to something isn't necessarily bad. If The Division learns from Destiny, it will mean a better game. I guess on the surface I see some similarities, but I don't think it should be called a Destiny clone by any stretch of the imagination.
  18. Ishmael

    Ishmael Well-Known Member Regular

    Being like Destiny is not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. The developers are not wrong in taking inspiration from one of the biggest selling games in the last few years. It's just that it's not necessarily for my taste, but the problem resides more in me than in the game itself.
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  19. Celerian

    Celerian Well-Known Member Regular

    Well at least they haven't done what Bungie did and put more money into the adverts than the actual game!
  20. harpazo22

    harpazo22 Well-Known Member Regular

    I don't know if it will suffer the same problems as Destiny. I would assume they'd be close since they're very similar. Hopefully not though and they keep progressing with development.