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    Guild name: Semper Dius [SD]
    Focus: Primarily PvP
    Style: Semi-hardcore
    Timezone: GMT
    Member count: 12 / 50
    Recruiting: All Professions
    Voice communications: TS or Vent (to be decided closer to release), currently Mumble
    Website: semperdius .com

    Semper Dius

    Formed in 2007 and with five years experience as a Guild, we have continued to grow, having become one of the most prominent European guilds within Warhammer Online, Aion and RIFT. Having re-aligned our interests in recent weeks, we are now eagerly awaiting Guild Wars 2.

    Freedom of speech is very important to Semper Dius. You can find that belief in our behavior as well as the daily management of the guild and community; opinions have always been sought from all members, from day one. We value each individual as highly as the next. Through this approach Semper Dius has flourished having just reached our fifth birthday, an achievement by the whole Semper Dius group.

    You as a member are important to us and we want to make sure that you experience that feeling here every day.

    With a primary focus on player versus player combat (though we will inevitably exhaust Guild Wars 2’s PvE content) the two most important elements to us are teamwork and having fun. Having been a close knit community for so long we are seeking like minded people with a good understanding of the genre, who have already built up knowledge of the game and classes.

    If you are a mature gamer who enjoys both PvE and PvP, grouping and have a relaxed mentality, you'll fit right in here.

    You can find our guild rules and more information about Semper Dius on our website.


    - 18+ but exceptions can be made for younger mature people
    - Being able to play on an evening GMT time schedule
    - Capable of speaking, understanding and writing in English
    - Willing to be on and communicate over Vent/TS while gaming
    - You should be able to commit yourself to join Guild Events
    - Checking our Guild Forum daily is preferred
    - Respect your fellow Guild members and behave maturely ingame

    Join Us!

    All it requires is heading to our forums recruitment section and filling in the application template. Please take your time to do this, as a first impression is very important! We will then review your application, discuss it internally and inform you within 48 hours if you are accepted.
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    Im very interested to join this guild. Main reason it being a mature European guild.

    you'll probably see me making a guild application soon. ;)
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    We are looking forward to your application :)
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