Haven't played Civ 5, but played Civ 3, is it any better?

Discussion in 'Civilization V' started by OursIsTheFury, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. OursIsTheFury

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    I played a lot of Civ 3 as a kid, and I really loved it, even though some of the gameplay mechanics were a little ridiculous (a lone guard standing over an entire city for example), how is Civ 5 any different from Civ 3? What are the improvements? What do you miss from Civ 3? Thanks for the answers, everyone!
  2. crimsonghost747

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    I'd definitely recommend giving it a try. There is almost a decade of technological advances and developement between the two games so you'll notice some differences. I can't remember Civ 3 too well, though I think I did play it as a kid. Could have been civ 2... not sure. So it's hard to talk about the differences but give Civ 5 a try, I think you'll love it.
  3. Azrile

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    I have heard that Civ5 goes back a little bit towards Civ2 and Civ3 as far as gameplay. Some of the stuff added in Civ3 and 4 felt unnecessary and unfun and really took away from some of the core gameplay. In my opinion, it was simply too easy to take AI cities using methods other than military. Building up a military is a huge time and resource investment, so it was ┬┤smarter┬┤ to just use the other methods. Civ2 was much more about building your economy so you could crush with your military.
  4. Sad Puppy

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    Military is totally different - you can't put more than one military unit on a tile, and cities can fight back against attackers even when not garrisoned, which completely changes the way wars are fought. Also, the build-up phase is longer and your civilization spends more time in earlier eras, so the "primitive" technologies are put to full use. There's also much more resource management.
  5. YaBoyJoey

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    Civilization V is definitely worth a try! If you're wary about buying it in the dawn of Civ VI, I'm sure it'll go on sale for cheap during the Steam Summer sale in around two weeks. I've sunk so many hours into Civ V and it's impossible for me not to recommend it.
  6. jalikam

    jalikam Well-Known Member Regular

    Yes, I agree with you. He should check out Civ 5. This game is much better than Civ 3 and as a member said, the military is totally different. It's really fun to play Civ5 and would recommend you to play that game.
  7. YaBoyJoey

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    I feel like with each civ iteration, you keep a familiar feel, but there are so many features that get added that keep it fresh. For example, the brave new world DLC for Civ 5 was an amazing addition to Civ V and added more civs, and game mechanics such as espionage. Great game, and the steam summer sale is probably going to begin in the next ten days. Pick it up cheap!
  8. EleGiggle

    EleGiggle Active Member Regular

    I have not actually played CIV 3, but I have seen some gameplay videos of it and I think that they did a good job at improving the game (I played much of CIV 5).
    The amount of DLCs can be annoying, but I do not think that it is that bad. Instead, I like the fact that they do not just neglect the game and keep adding more depth to it.
  9. Sad Puppy

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    Honestly, I think the only purpose of DLC system is "milking the cow". Back before this started, they already made games with a lot of depth, just it was all put into the 'vanilla' release and an expansion pack. Now same amount of stuff is sometimes divided into 5 or more releases. Firaxis is actually quite OK in this regard, the real DLC maniacs are Paradox Interactive (this fits their business mdoel I guess, since thier games were always full of bugs and glithces in the 1.00 version).
  10. EleGiggle

    EleGiggle Active Member Regular

    That's a very good point. Unfortunately nowadays world revolves so much around money, which is very sad if you ask me.
  11. Sad Puppy

    Sad Puppy Well-Known Member Regular

    It always did, but game develoeprs used to get their cash by less sophisticated means until last decade - just releasing a fully functional game, and then adding an expansion pack or two. I don't know why they didn't switch to the current model before, but I think it makes quality suffer in many series.
  12. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Well-Known Member Regular

    I played both Civilization V and Civilization III and I can honestly say the former is the better game in terms of graphics, gameplay and features. I liked the feel of the third iteration but the fifth game has a lot more to offer.
  13. Patrickz

    Patrickz Well-Known Member Regular

    Graphics aside, Civ V offers much more depth, strategy and gameplay if you own all the DLCs. Gods & Kings and Brave New World are a must-own.
  14. SirJoe

    SirJoe Well-Known Member Regular

    Civilizations V is a natural evaluation of civilizations III, if you enjoyed civilizations III you are going to love Civilizations V. It has improved in all aspects of the game.
  15. qag

    qag Well-Known Member Regular

    Civilization V is super good. It lacks some of the depth that some of the earlier games in the franchise has, admittedly, but it is still a very fun, addictive videogame. I will say that if you want to play the game, I highly recommend picking up the two expansion packs for the game, they both improve the game exponentially.
  16. Bapsy

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    Civilization V is awesome. The graphics are wonderful and I really like the options for cultures and civilizations. There are some new ones, such as Greek, which is one of my favorites. There's also a lot of options for cultural development and multiplayer features. Combat is also upgraded and cities are able to defend themselves.
  17. jasonr299x

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    You should definitely at least give it a try. The game is very frequently on sale for less than $10, so even if you don't enjoy it as much as you enjoyed Civ 3, at least you won't be down too much cash. But honestly, I think that you'll definitely enjoy Civ 5 if you enjoyed any of the other Civ games. The core mechanics are mostly the same, but the newer Civilization games are more user friendly and everything is more clear in them. Of course, the game will be a little more fleshed out, as there are new policies, victory requirements, etc. that you need to be aware of, but overall the game is the same as it was before.

    I think all of the Civ games are great, there's just a few small differences between all of them. This leads to a slightly new version of the game each time a new one is released, but the core foundation of the series will always be there.

    Another great reason to try it is the mods. There are so many fantastic mods out there that really let you play any way that you want. Have you ever wanted to play Civ with a group of Stormtroopers? No problem! How about as Gilgamesh? No problem there either!

    The modding community is absolutely amazing and you can customize the game to fit your needs, without or without mods. Definitely give it a try!
  18. Casiox

    Casiox Well-Known Member Regular

    Well, I would really like to recommend you to play Civilization V since it has obviously been updated a lot and the game mechanics are way better and "realistic", cultures and stuff of that nature are way more explained and detailed, also the graphics are highly enhanced, you will surely like it, give it a shot and I am pretty sure you will leave Civ 3 aside, Indeed.
  19. SirJoe

    SirJoe Well-Known Member Regular

    There are much worse ways to use $10. Honestly for a game with that quality it's a give away.
  20. Mistiq

    Mistiq Member Regular

    I haven't played Civ 3 but I wanted to read what people who have had to say so that I could maybe get a feel for what it was like. I have only played Civ V and I'm hooked to the game. I am so anxiously awaiting the release of the next version of the game.