Guild Wars 2 Closed Beta Begins Friday!

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    Today has been full of exciting news related to Guild Wars 2. Needless to say, people involved in ArenaNet like Jonathan Sharp have been rather busy today with multiple different interviews around the net.

    Today's Reddit IAmA session answered many great questions regarding Guild Wars 2. One question about the 'Thief' profession even sparked a comment from Johnathan Sharp that confirms a blog post next Tuesday will reveal improvements and changes focusing on this profession.

    Of course, needless to say, some of the most exciting news surrounds the announcement of a Closed Beta starting Friday. While we'd rather be talking about an Open Beta, the presence of a Closed Beta is huge and means that the game is at least playable enough to enter beta testing. Keep in mind that this is closed to the public, at least for now.

    An IRC Developer Chat session also took place today with Johnathan. While many of the questions and responses were similar, there were some unique questions posted and it is certainly worth checking out.
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