Guild Wars 2 Brasil Interview & Ashenfold Cartel Interview

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    Jon Peters and Jonathan Sharp certainly haven't been the only folks over at AreaNet busy with interviews today. At the Brazilian Guild Wars site, Guild Wars 2 Brasil, Eric Flannum was asked some specific questions that delve into topics like if personal stories can add, and what is next after that. The site also asked if in-game romance options were being considered.

    While not a long interview, it is certainly worth checking out.

    Another great interview took place at Ashenfold Cartel, this time with the game designers Eric Flannum and Jeff Grubb. Ashenfold Cartel's interview asked some pretty good questions like what kind of population numbers the humans are done to in Guild Wars 2, if magic is learned or an innate ability, and plenty more questions that make it a must-read for any Guild War fan.
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