Thief Guild Wars 2 - 1st Place Tournament Thief Gameplay (vVv Rinzler)

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    I know a lot of doubt has been inserted into the minds of Thief players, as to the depth of their mechanics and the power of their skills vs. other classes in a sPvP 5v5 scenario. The Steal mechanic, in its current state, may be linear and random in nature, but it is currently being expanded upon by some of the most capable minds in the MMO industry, and I have the utmost faith in the Arena Net development team's ability to tackle these obstacles.

    In the hope of putting some of this angst to rest, I created this video detailing a particular style of Thief play that I was able to pilot to much success in the most recent beta. ​


    If that doesn't quite please the pallet, some of our exceptional community members are uploading videos and generating content of all mediums as we speak, including detailed guides and game play for your viewing pleasure. ​

    I will update this thread with our videos as they come, and I hope you enjoy your stay on vVv's channel. Be sure to Like/Subscribe for the quickest access to our content in the coming weeks. Cheers forum crowd :)

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