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Discussion in 'Civilization V' started by Bapsy, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Bapsy

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    Hi all, I've only played the base game of Civilizations V and have enjoyed it very much. However, I am curious what downloadable contents are available that you might recommend and why you enjoy that content? Or if there are any particular mods for the game that you enjoy and why?
  2. jasonr299x

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    It completely depends on the type of mods you want to get!

    Do you want to completely revamp the way the game is played? Do you want to play as a brand new Civilization? Or do you just want minor mods that will make the game a little more enjoyable?

    Mods are honestly my favorite thing about the game. There's just so many to choose from! I've been playing the game since 2013 and there's still dozens of mods that I went to get through before Civ 6.

    My favorite mod so far is the JFD mod. If you look for it on the Steam community mod page you should be able to find it.

    Basically, you get to play as a ton of different civs from the past. My favorite one to play at the moment is Gilgamesh, since he was such a big part of the literature that I read growing up.

    Another really great mod is the Community Balance mod, which as you may have already guessed, is a bunch of balance changes that were voted for by the community. I'm not sure if it's still being updated, but when I used it, I was honestly overwhelmed with how many options there were. You can customize a lot of the settings of the game that usually aren't able to be changed.

    I could go on and on and on, but honestly, there's way too many mods to go over. A good idea would be to go on the Steam Community page, sort by highest rating, and look through whichever mods you find interesting. Everyone will have a different opinion on this subject, so the best way to find which mods are your favorites is to go through them one by one. Good luck!
  3. qag

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    I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to mods, but the post prior to mine seems pretty indepth in regards to that topic. As for the DLC, you really need to pick up the two expansion packs for Civ V, they're in my opinion at least, essential to the game and improve the game tenfold. Both Brave New World and Gods and Kings are amazing. As for other DLC, most of it you can live without, though I would perhaps consider picking up the extra civilizations if those interest you.
  4. Casiox

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    Well, when it comes to modifications for Civ v I always recommend "Brave New World" even when it's a little bit expensive it is such a great modification to make your game more enjoyable, but as I have said before, I am not a big fan of mods but I really recommend that one for Civ V, it has several cool features such as new politics system, new scenarios and many other things you might like, you really have to check it out!
  5. Bapsy

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    Wow, that's awesome, I will have to check those out. I think I would definitely like having some new civilizations at the very least to play with. I'm a huge fan of historical figures and cultures, including their architecture, so it's always fun to try out new civilizations. Or perhaps if there are any other options for more policy trees that would make a very interesting twist to the game. I will look into "Brave New World", JFD, and Gilgamesh for sure. Thanks so much for all of the suggestions!
  6. FuZyOn

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    I personally always download mods that include countries like Italy, France or China to make the game more exciting and historically accurate. I think the Steam version is broken right now but you can search online for fixes.
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    Thanks for the tip. I'll have to do some investigating on fixes for it then because my game is on steam. Just seemed easier to buy it digitally. I got tired of having a bunch of games physically laying around. At some point it becomes rather... oppressive. I love culture and historical accuracy though so that sounds cool.
  8. gyakenji

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    I'm currently playing with the Superpowers mod (I think that was the name) and I'm really enjoying it. Everything got rebalanced, from tech tree, social policies, better AI, etc. If you're looking for a new game style, you should try it.

    Another thing I find quite interesting is something called Shakitrak's Decisions? It's a very simple mod, will probably work with most other mods. What it does is basically give you a notification once in a while, about an event or something. Sometimes you can get money for free. Sometimes you can choose a decision, to get (for example) 6 tech immediately , or attempt to get 12 tech at 50% chance. Sometimes it's about hunting down possible werewolves sightings (Happiness vs Production I think). The events are rare but they're a nice touch to the game.
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  10. Casiox

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    Haven't you tried it yet?
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    I like mods that add new countries that are able to make the game more interesting and accurate at the same time. It really makes the game fun.
  12. rz3300

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    I also like the mods that add some new countries, but I have always wondered if that every works against the game. I am sure it has, but maybe it is rare.