Breath of Fire 6 announced, may not come out in the US

Discussion in 'Breath of Fire' started by Nickey22, Aug 13, 2013.

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    This is a major blow to me. I'm a huge Breath of Fire fan and when I heard that 6 was going to come out, I was really excited, but then when Capcom announced that the game may not reach Western shores I was devastated. Now that's not saying for sure that there wont be a US release, but only time will tell. But for those elsewhere, it should be coming out for you.

    You can read more here at: EuroGamer

    The game will be coming out for PC, tablet and smart phones, no idea whether or not it'll be on consoles.

    I'm also kind of disappointed that it wont be on consoles either.
  2. SwordHungry

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    You should still be able to download it if you really wanted to get it. Just access the website and download through a proxy/VPN that is meant to be based in another country and use it while playing. That should bypass it.
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    Oh no. I love Breath of Fire series. I love Breath of Fire 4 the most. This is really a sad news. I hope they make it available to US.
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    Likewise, but it's unlikely to happen. Plus I hear the game is so different it's not really even a BoF game, just had the BoF name slapped on it but was originally mean't to be a new IP all together. The fact they made it a mobile game is the most upsetting. Capcom is dead.
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    I never thought highly of the Breath of Fire series. The only BoF that I played was BoF 4 and I think it was mildly entertaining. It doesn't have the charm or the storytelling or the gameplay of some better known RPGs. Maybe if the game becomes more popular, then it would come to American shores.
  7. RMCMage

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    I have never played the Breath of Fire series, but I did check it out on YouTube looks like a great game it would be a shame if it wont come to the states personally I wont go though the VPN process that is to much work and it's no fun if you can't understand the language trust me I did this with Monster Hunter Frontier.
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    That's interesting news. I guess Capcom doesn't think a big Breath of Fire release is a good idea. I'm sure it will eventually be available anywhere in the world via download. It's gonna be available on PC as well.
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    This is very interesting.however, I have never got into this series for the two reasons. The combat system and the storyline is just bland. I don't know but they have to engage us.
  10. William Quah

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    Really, I never knew about this? I'm a freaking huge fan of Breath of Fire, right now it's only announced for PC? Come on, I want to play it on consoles, it's a console franchise all along.
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    This is rather disappointing to be honest. I actually like the idea that there making it for PC but not as a web based game. I am a fan of the series so I will try it when it comes to the US. Be it on PC or iOS, I would at least like to try it out.

    I just watched a trailer on YouTube and honestly, While I am willing to try it out, I am not going to expect it to hold up to its predecessors. I feel it will fall short of that sadly.
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    Did you realize that you just replied to an year old thread? You should have created a new thread to get the discussion going.
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    No I didn't actually. I apologize. I was actually excited about this news and than being disappointed all at the same time that I forgot to look at the age of the thread.