Action RPG or Turnbased RPG?

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by jbeavis100, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. razer

    razer Well-Known Member Regular

    I prefer action RPG-s but if they are party based they need a pause button or I'm unlikely to play. That's not to say that I don't like turn based ones, I played Pillars of Eternity recently and it was excellent.
  2. thecorinthian

    thecorinthian Well-Known Member Regular

    Turn-based is pretty cool if the story is great you but gamers these days don't have patience for a good story they always want action so badly. DragonQuest and MechQuest were great desktop turn-based games that I truly enjoyed because back in the day it meant I can play it on any computer.
  3. d'arakh

    d'arakh Well-Known Member Regular

    When I was younger, I couldn't stand the turn-based games. I wanted action. That's why my favorite RPGs were Gothic series and TES. But, as years went on I opened my horizons a little bit and checked out other great RPGs which are turn based. I'd this is because I started playing D&D in real life. Neverwinter Nights was the first one that was based on D&D lore, but not quite turn-based. My favorite one is of course Heroes of Might and Magic. I had some brilliant time playing that game with my sister. We played co-op hotseat type of game and man that was incredible. We were lot younger though so it was easy for us to stay the whole night and play and the pretend we're asleep when mom an dad wake up.
  4. Jboh

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    If a turn-based RPG has some actual strategy involved (Such as the higher difficulties on the Persona games), then I prefer that over ARPGs. I feel like a lot of mediocre ARPGs are just hack and slash games with some leveling thrown in. There are some I like (Diablo 2 :) ), but I avoid the genre for the most part. It's like you said, if done well, they can be pretty great, but if not they're a waste of time and money.
  5. Bannon

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    For me it really depends on what level of concentration I want to give to the game. If I'm going to be fully sinking into a game, I'd prefer Action-RPGs since it keeps me on my toes watching for anything that's happening. Turn based RPGs on the other hand are great for when I want to sit back and play an RPG while browsing the net, traveling, or some other leisurely activity to go alongside the game.
  6. HalfBeard

    HalfBeard Well-Known Member Regular

    I prefer action... turn based seems outdated to be honest and action is so much more immersive and fun to me.
  7. shadejb

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    Turn based for me. I want to sit down, relax and immerse myself in the world that developers built. Beside, I think a good turn based RPG will allow for more tactics to be had IMO, simply because you have time to think of your options (Divinity: Original Sins is a great example of this).
  8. Ishmael

    Ishmael Well-Known Member Regular

    Turn based or close to it (like Baldur's Gate where you can pause the real time combat). I like to plan out moves ahead because every fight feels like a puzzle to solve, and I like me some puzzle games. :p
  9. aquaticneko

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    I am rather sad that turnbased RPG's are dying out. As when done properly they can be pretty awesome games. I'm not that big a fan on action based but I have no choice really.
  10. Chris_A

    Chris_A Well-Known Member Regular

    Actually, they are coming back in force, I would say. Just take a look at Pillars of Eternity, Tides of Numenera and the new expansion pack that Baldur`s Gate received recently.
  11. DeeDee

    DeeDee Well-Known Member Regular

    Turn based rpg for me. I never really understood the fanaticism over this genre initially but once I got to play my first final fantasy game I finally understood all the little nuances that attract people to it. Now I am very into turn based RPGs which is why I'm a bit sad that even the new F&F games see moving away from it.
  12. vash

    vash Well-Known Member Regular

    Yeah, and I wouldn't even call them RPGs in my opinion. Things like Fire Age, Mobile Strike, Boom Beach, etc. they are a wasting of time in my opinion, and they are really pay to win type of games. I guess they are just evolved from some older browser "RPGs". I remember back in early 2000s, we were playing a browser game of building up an army and raid other players. There was not even graphics, but numbers showing what you have, and how much you killed and lost during a battle. It was getting boring quickly even for its time.

    I'd rather have action based, (player) skill / experience based. And everything should be done in real time.
  13. Working Buck

    Working Buck Well-Known Member Regular

    Both have the ups and downs and I love both type of games. I actually play any type of game, I don't mind the graphics or the story or whatever. I just try out a game, if I enjoy playing it the first 20 minutes and end up playing it more than an hour, I might say it's a good game for me.
  14. Bakanyan

    Bakanyan Member Regular

    I find action based RPGs boring and the same for every game. It's just simple grinding and using same skills over and over again. Turn based RPGs are way more fun for me because I have to think before every turn and every turn is unique with different enemy positioning, ally positioning, terrain, reinforcement, etc. I play action based RPGs when I feel tired and want to relax my brain. Turn based RPGs, on the other hand, drain all of my energy after some time because of how much I think consciously every single turn.

    The game that got me into turn based RPG was Fire Emblem and I still love playing all 14 of it's games (can't wait for the next game, although unfortunately it will come out in 2018 on Nintendo Switch). This doesn't mean I hate action RPGs of course, but I'd rather play a turn based RPG than an action based RPG anyday.
  15. Blader70

    Blader70 Well-Known Member Regular

    The only turns based RPGS that I really like are one like Pokemon and Digimon with possibility a few other exceptions. Though I think I like both equally.
  16. mynameisshieldler

    mynameisshieldler Well-Known Member Regular

    That's interesting.
  17. Athanas

    Athanas Well-Known Member Regular

    I am an action man and I love the action RPGs more than the rest. Although sometimes, I do play anything that comes in my mind without really considering the genre.
  18. Blader70

    Blader70 Well-Known Member Regular

    Same here, if the story and gameplay is good.
  19. overcast

    overcast Well-Known Member Regular

    Here's the ELCHRONICLE game that has both action and Turn based game. I have loved playing it and it has some pretty interesting gameplay.