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Discussion in 'The Division' started by troutski, May 3, 2015.

  1. troutski

    troutski Well-Known Member Regular

    Will The Division be closer to Game of The Year or biggest flop in recent memory? I think the game will fall somewhere in the middle, leaning toward the critical acclaim side rather than a poor reception. That's my complete opinion obviously. I'm not sure all of the elements are going to come together into a great game, but we'll see.
  2. andkno

    andkno Member

    I agree with you, there have been really cool games coming out this year and it would be difficult for The Division to get the top spot, however we can't know for sure, they might surprise us at the end.
  3. Like you guys have said we can't know for sure. I'm hoping for it to be a top game, but some have predicted it wouldn't be that good. We'll see.
  4. ArdanIsBest

    ArdanIsBest New Member

    From demos and information it looks to be pretty great, but that could be smoke screens. I have high hopes for it but there are some other great series coming out, so if its a flop we have something to fall back on.
  5. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Well-Known Member Regular

    There are mixed opinions about this game and we can't really tell for sure. I suspect it'll fall somewhere in the middle as well, but we may be surprised afterall.
  6. Ishmael

    Ishmael Well-Known Member Regular

    I think it'll disappoint because users are never happy with anything, but ultimately it's going to be fine. Not Game of the Year stuff, but a decent game overall.
  7. Cyborg Superman

    Cyborg Superman Well-Known Member Regular

    I guaranteed that it'll be the best game that has ever been released, ever.

    ... Just kidding. I think it has a lot of potential. I didn't think much reading the description and such, but the few videos that have been released have really blown me away. I know that each video isn't as impressive as the one before in terms of graphics, but it does still look crazy good.

    I got Watch_Dogs based on pretty much nothing other than it was Ubisoft's next big thing, and I enjoyed it. I think Ubi has learned from their previous games and this will kick some serious butt. We won't know until it's released though. :)
  8. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Well-Known Member Regular

    Watch Dogs was kind of too overhyped in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, the idea was unique and the game was fun at the start, but after that it just became boring and repetitive. Missions started to have the same routine, they could've done much more in this aspect.
  9. harpazo22

    harpazo22 Well-Known Member Regular

    It won't be at the top because it barely had any announcements for it. But it'll still be good I think.
  10. beccagreen

    beccagreen Well-Known Member Regular

    I'm expecting and hoping that this game would be good. With all the tech demos I've watched, it seems pretty great but with the news about the downgrades and delay, I'm not so sure what to expect now. I bet there would be issues when it comes to multiplayer but for the most part I think it's going to be okay.
  11. Ishmael

    Ishmael Well-Known Member Regular

    Well this game is underhyped for now. They don't talk about it much. :p
    It's weird because usually Ubisoft does a lot of trailers an gameplay videos months before one of their games come out, and yet we haven't seen that much about The Division.
  12. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson Well-Known Member Regular

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for The Division and I have a good feeling about this one. Ubisoft are not hyping it at all at the moment and that is a good thing in my mind, its almost like they know its going to be awesome and are just waiting for us all to be blown away by how good it is.
  13. Celerian

    Celerian Well-Known Member Regular

    It could flop with all these revelations.
  14. Yosostupid

    Yosostupid Well-Known Member Regular

    It probably won't become game of the year if Fallout 4 turns out good, and it wouldn't be a massive flop as long as Ubisoft fans stay loyal and defend it. It's going to be in the middle/lower middle, hovering around for a few months then slowly dying off as bigger, better games come out and the community leaves, or Ubisoft makes dumb decisions with DLC.
  15. Cyborg Superman

    Cyborg Superman Well-Known Member Regular

    Do you think that Fallout 4 is a direct competitor to The Division; meaning that fans that were going to get The Division are focused on Fallout instead and will skip the game if Fallout 4 is awesome?
  16. Delirium

    Delirium Well-Known Member Regular

    I agree with you, I think it'll fall somewhere in the middle. I very, very highly doubt that it'll be the Game of The Year, but that's okay. I don't need it to be the Game of the Year. As long as it's good I'm happy. And it is turning out to be pretty promising! I mean I didn't like some of the features and some of the decisions they made for the game, but there are other things that made up for them too - big time. I have a feeling it's going to be a great game. Still rather skeptical (I'm a pretty skeptical person), but I have a lot of faith in the game.
  17. JC_224

    JC_224 Active Member Regular

    The release dates are too far apart for them to be competing with one another. Additionally Fallout is more of an open ended single player RPG, where as The Division is looking to involve creating parties or working as a team together rather than playing solo. Different genres of game will not be clashing in such a way, plus it's a new franchise with a good amount of hype surrounding it. I'm sure it will be just fine.
  18. Ishmael

    Ishmael Well-Known Member Regular

    As we're getting closer to the release and more information is coming out, I've set my expectations accordingly based on what we know. It seems like more of a competitive open world shooter, which is cool. So all I ask is for a balanced game. :p
  19. razer

    razer Well-Known Member Regular

    I doubt it's going to be GOTY, there are just too many good competitors this year. We still don't know that much about the game though. I think it's going to be a good game, not amazing or anything.
  20. d'arakh

    d'arakh Well-Known Member Regular

    Why are people so negative? I think The Division is definitely going to be one of the best games of the year. I don't know what games will come out next year though so I can't make a claim for Game of the Year, but if Division came out this year, I think it would've manage to make a strong contender.