Which Pokemon game was your favorite?

Discussion in 'Pokémon' started by ozadin, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. ozadin

    ozadin Active Member

    I enjoyed Emerald a lot. I thoroughly remember the time where I was in this spot where I had to bike and be accurate with my turns to get to Rayquaza. I must have tried thousands of times before actually reaching him. I also enjoyed many different side-battles and ran into every trainer I found. I finished it once the first time, and replayed it the second time a few months later. Pokemon Emerald is still first on my list for the past few years already.
  2. sushiking89

    sushiking89 Active Member

    I love Silver a lot. Actually I only play Red and Silver version before. Now I was getting older thus playing other games like Diablo already. Now still Pokemon is still a nice game to play.
  3. LivelyTwenty

    LivelyTwenty Member

    I also loved playing Pokemon Emerald. It was just so fun, and I played it so long ago. I have to purchase the game again one day to play and relive my memories of the game.
  4. Pokemon black is my most favorite of all the games. It was a
    great story line. I use to name all my characters Ash Catchem.
  5. -Kian-

    -Kian- Active Member

    I loved Gold and Ruby a lot. I can't really pick between them. Gold had 16 gym's and the possibility to fight Ash himself. Which was really fun.
    And Ruby allowed you to make bases, which you could share with friends. I had lots of those bases, and I could always fight those people again and again.
    Well, in a sense of graphics and gameplay, Ruby would be better. But Gold had way more content. So I can't really decide.
  6. Rubymusic1

    Rubymusic1 Active Member

    I used to love Sapphire, I played and played and played that game. I finally completed it a few years ago when I picked it up again. Completed the Pokedex(in game, no trading or external sources though) as well.

    Other than Sapphire, I quite liked the Mystery Dungeon and Rescue Team games. I haven't completed any of those that I have got though, I may pick them up again soon.

    I agree with the person above me, I loved making bases, although I had no friends who had the game so I could never invite anyone over! Haha.
  7. Eltharion

    Eltharion Member

    I might be to nostalgic but red, blue, and yellow are the only real pokemon games. Theres only 150 pokemon 2nd and 3rd gen don't count to me. I guess i sound like an old grandpa with the back in my day there were only 150 pokemon.
  8. RMCMage

    RMCMage Well-Known Member

    My favorite is Soul Silver I still play it from time to time.
  9. Rubymusic1

    Rubymusic1 Active Member

    I found my version of Soul Silver the other day actually, I quite like that one. Probably my favourite newer Pokemon game.
  10. andy103

    andy103 Active Member

    I have to say I will always have a soft spot for Pokemon Silver and Crystal. I have spent the most time playing those games and I really just loved how much there was to them and how much there was to do. Unfortunately I never had a DS to play any of the newer games, though they looked pretty cool.
  11. Eva

    Eva Active Member

    I really liked Crystal as well, even though I played Gold first. There was just something about that generation... Well, it was probably the fact that they had 16 badges, so there was more to do, but it felt like a really complete game. Interesting throughout, as well.
  12. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect Well-Known Member

    I personally liked the remakes LeafGreen and FireRed the most. Think about it. Only the classic pokemon with a few later ones hidden in the game and that too with really good graphics and not the old monochromes. What's not to like?
  13. Zerth

    Zerth Member

    Well considering I got firered as my first game, it was pretty fun at that time, so probably that one. It was all simple and easy to play back in the days, now the new games just seem too complicated at times.
  14. Linkzelda41

    Linkzelda41 Member

    I’ll have to go with Pokémon Colosseum simply because it’s one where I would stay up all day and night just to level up. With any storyline, it was fairly predictable, and compared to traditional Pokémon games, the selection of Pokémon was pretty limited.

    Looking back when I was just a kid, I wouldn’t question it or other Pokémon games. Catching a Ho-Oh or any legendary Pokémon was the highest accomplishment I felt I could achieve. After a while the process just felt like grinding all the time.

    Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness is another favorite of mine, but it felt kind of weird not having Wes or some other grown-up individual take the role. But hey, that's Pokémon for you, strip away a few aspects of reality with having younger children facing bigger people, and the logic will never be challenged.
  15. xdratx1

    xdratx1 Member

    Diamond and Pearl was pretty awesome. the gameplay of it was just old-school and smooth, I would have also prefer Ruby/Emerald and sapphire if it weren't for my gameboy that repeatedly keeps crashing.
  16. BroknKyboard

    BroknKyboard Well-Known Member

    My favorite was Fire Red since Red was my favorite and getting to replay it with 3rd gen graphics and game features was like a dream come true!
  17. lord1027

    lord1027 Well-Known Member

    My favourite Pokemon Game has to be Pokemon Blue. It's the first one I've played and loved it. I've played every other game of Pokemons, but I mostly enjoyed Gen I games. The next Gen games were nice too, as they add new features and stuff like that, but I didn't really like the new Pokemon as much as Gen I.
  18. jbeavis100

    jbeavis100 Well-Known Member

    I'd have to say Crystal. It was such a nice version of Silver and Gold. It had seasons and all that but I really think that was one if not the best in the series. Generally they don't change anything that big between versions but wow, Crystal shook it up.
  19. Gyrfalcon

    Gyrfalcon Member

    Gold (Johto) was my absolute favorite and always will be. I'm very pleased with HeartGold as well as they did an exemplary job transferring the older style into a new and more interactive one.
  20. brandondnguyen90

    brandondnguyen90 Active Member

    I remember my first Pokemon Blue game. Fell immediately in loved with when I started playing. I remember as if it was yesterday. That would probably had to be my first Gameboy game ever! I have played many Pokemon games my entire life, but Blue will always the the best and classic one out there. I bought the other Pokemon games as well, but I didn't feel the same excitement I felt when I played Blue. Nowadays, there are too many new Pokemon implemented in the new games, which is the reason I got bored of the other versions real quick.