What got you into RPG games?

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by SereneAngel88, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Well-Known Member Regular

    For me, it was when I was given a Xbox and an old copy of Morrowind that I really fell into the RPG crowd of gaming as a kid all the way now after 17 years. What got you interested in this genre?
  2. vegito12

    vegito12 Well-Known Member Regular

    I was first interested when I played Ocarnia of Time Zelda on the Nintendo game system and enjoyed the game which was very nice and also, really good as it had cartoon graphics and also a good story line in the game. It was quite different from the games, that were being made for the console and quite enjoyable as well and had nice bosses in the game. I reckon that I was around 9 or 10 when I played the game and was also a game, you could explore and do extra missions as well do gain coin in the game.
  3. ConureKeeper1990

    ConureKeeper1990 Active Member

    I got into Pokemon at a young age (I got Pokemon Red when it first came out). I also played a few Zelda games (starting from the NES). Later on I got into Final Fantasy and other games such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I guess I have always been drawn to the general experience of RPGs; strengthening your party/character and taking on bosses while devising an efficient strategy. Most RPGs have a nice storyline, and that's always attractive to me.
  4. grinder

    grinder Well-Known Member

    Maybe a bit of break from the MMO oppression that have been quite heavy lately. Also being in "solo" sometimes is really fun as it's all based on you and you can't rely on party mates.
  5. Zimbitt

    Zimbitt Well-Known Member Regular

    Being a young kid and playing all these random MMo's and RPG's, I just realized how fun they were. Then I found out about tabletop gaming and I fell in love with that as well!
  6. Jeff Bowles

    Jeff Bowles Member

    Ditto, Xbox Morrowind was a big deal for me. As was KOTOR, which had RPG elements that seemed really cutting edge and fresh to me at the time. My first truly incredible RPG experience, though, has to have been Final Fantasy VII. It was honestly the single most incredible video game I had played. The basic process of earning XP and leveling a character was so addictive and fun I'm pretty sure my friends didn't see me for a couple weeks straight, lol. :)
  7. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Well-Known Member Regular

    I remember playing RPG games on my first PC. They weren't anything significant and most people probably didn't hear of them, but they really got me hooked to the genre.
  8. Krisibelle

    Krisibelle Member

    Ah, this is a great story for me actually. I believe I was around nine or ten years old and I finally had a PlayStation. My mother was getting rather annoyed at the speed in which I would finish the games I was bought and quickly pester her for new ones. We didn't have a lot of money, so as you can imagine this was rather annoying for my dear mother. Anyway, she took me to the local gamestore (The Gamesman), went up to the counter and asked the man who was working if he could reccomend a game that I couldn't finish. He looked at her incredulously, then thought for a moment. He walked us over to where the platinum games were and picked up a copy of Final Fantasy 7 and explained to my mother that while there was most likely no game I wouldn't eventually finish, this one had 90+ hours of gameplay. Also being as it was $40NZD my mother was very happy and that was the game we got.

    I feel like I owe a lot of my entire being to that one anonymous game store worker. Random guy, you were the best and you completely changed my life. I think it may still be my favourite game I've ever played, not even just for nostalgia. I'm so excited about the HD remake! <3
  9. SpartanScooter

    SpartanScooter Well-Known Member Regular

    For me it was Vagrant Story for the PS 1. It's a great game, and although I have never finished it, I played it for hours and hours as a kid. The combat system was extremely fun (reminds me of Fallout in a way), if a bit too difficult for a kid. I remember that I got to a point where I fought a dragon, but I only dealt 1 damage per hit to him so that's where I gave up.
    My CD of it still works, so I may fire it up on an emulator one day and finish it! I wish square would port it to Steam though, with the recent rereleases of some of their older games...
  10. thecorinthian

    thecorinthian Well-Known Member Regular

    I really liked the idea of giving an original name to a character choosing its race, clothes, guildmates and what not which is something of a gaming social media but your profile is based on who you want to be online. It's pretty cool when you get to the top level too when leveling up and people respect your skill.
  11. West

    West Well-Known Member Regular

    Chrono Trigger on my family's old SNES. From there, I dove into other JRPG franchises, like the Fire Emblem series, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. I still play a lot of JRPG today, but as I grew up, I start to play different genres, in games like Mass Effect, Runescape, Fallout, TES, Dragon Age, etc.
  12. Azrile

    Azrile Well-Known Member Regular

    For me, it was definitely from playing pen-n-paper dungeons and dragons. I used to love playing, but it was so hard to get a group together that when you started being able to play games like Ultima, Might and Magic an Wizardry, it was just so much easier and better.
  13. lunaticred

    lunaticred Member

    Since I was around 6, my brother and I would play old school arcade games. There were around 1000 games on a cd and it was literally called "1000 games". Although they were such low quality (graphics wise), they were one of the best games I've played. After a while, we started to branch out more and as he started playing console games, I stuck to the pc. I found rpg's to be very entertaining because of it's plot sequences and adventure. Ever since then, I've been playing.
  14. anadrotowski

    anadrotowski Well-Known Member Regular

    I just like the aspect of being able to adventure and help people along the way through our adventures. I get to see a whole new world before my eyes and slowly fall in love with the characters that are given to me. For me, it's completely all about the adventure and the characters you meet along the way. I really enjoy the overall belonging world feel you get when you jump into a really good RPG.
  15. Zimbitt

    Zimbitt Well-Known Member Regular

    The whole grind and reward system hooked me, always needed to get certain traits up and work around it really made me love RPG's, I just love the whole aspect of building a character from scratch and watching them develop.
  16. generalthrax

    generalthrax Member

    Reward for progression is the main component of RPGs that I love. Also I like growing and becoming more powerful visually in the game and stats wise as well. That is what made stick with RPGs for so long and I'll keep sticking with them if they keep those core elements.
  17. tinybutnotfangless

    tinybutnotfangless Well-Known Member Regular

    Japanese role playing games got me started on console systems such as Mystic Quest and Final Fantasy 3. Later, when the lines were blurred momentarily, the Zelda games also gave me a glimpse of it too. Of course, once I moved up to getting my first PC back in 1993, this changed entirely. I didn't get a taste of what RPG really was until I played the Forgotten Realms and Might & Magic series such as Darkside of Xeen.
  18. Fozz

    Fozz Well-Known Member Regular

    I think it was Zelda on the N64. One of the best games I've ever played.
  19. beccagreen

    beccagreen Well-Known Member Regular

    I really don't like RPG's before because I thought they're just monotonous grinding and leveling up just to get a flashy armor and for the most part, most RPG's are like especially online. But when I played TES IV, I realized how great they are if done right and it all went berserk on me when I played Skyrim.
  20. Ram Levy

    Ram Levy Well-Known Member Regular

    My friend told me I must go play Skyrim. I'm glad I listened.