What games are you currently into?

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by abboxyz, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. abboxyz

    abboxyz New Member

    I love type of RPG system as it allows me to make the character I want to play.My favorite game is Hunter X Hunter Online,It features a side-scrolling view of the gameplay and has Anime-style graphics with vivid colors, and beautiful special effects for each character’s unique set of skills and powers.How about you?
  2. Working Buck

    Working Buck Well-Known Member Regular

    I am currently playing League of Legends and a bit of Ragnarok when I have time to spare. It's actually quite hard to balance work and gaming unless you get paid for playing games.
  3. Blader70

    Blader70 Well-Known Member Regular

    A good number of RPG and open world games like Fallout, Far Cry, Mass Effect and even Pokemon.
  4. Sonicmess

    Sonicmess Member Regular

    I'm currently playing Counter Strike Global Offensive
  5. Athanas

    Athanas Well-Known Member Regular

    There is a good number of RPG games that I am playing currently. The list is very long, and I would rather not list them here. But just to mention my best, Far Cry 5.
  6. razer

    razer Well-Known Member Regular

    I am currently playing through the Witcher 2 for the third time.
    I also play Skyrim and the original Dead Island occasionally.
  7. Athanas

    Athanas Well-Known Member Regular

    It is a nice game, I have played it once.
  8. fishbate

    fishbate Well-Known Member Regular

    I found a game called Art of war: Red Tides at steam and i'm getting hook into it. It's a strategy online game which is really enticing on my opinion. I'm still at a lower level and i think i'm not gonna stop playing soon.
  9. overcast

    overcast Well-Known Member Regular

    If you try realm defense. I am sure you will be hooked to it. And this can be something worth playing if you ask me. It's fun to play those games till the end.
  10. Lissiel

    Lissiel Member Regular

    I'm currently playing mobile legends and Ragnarok on mobile. I don't much have time to play in PC anymore, because I usually do my online jobs there. But still, it doesn't mean I don't have time to play anymore. Mobiles are much easier to access for me because I can use it anywhere whenever I want, unlike PCs and laptops.

    The graphics of Mobile legend is very good, I like the game performance and effects. I just don't like the matching of player, I usually get noob teams. And the Ragnarok, the overall game performance still needs some work. But I still love it because it is like the Ragnarok I played in childhood.
  11. Albert Bryant

    Albert Bryant Well-Known Member Regular

    Halo 5, I just started Halo 5 and stuck in some shittiest level!
: game