What are some new innovations in PVP for gw2

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    as the title says, what is gw2 offering us that we haven't seen before in any other mmorpg? or how is it doing things better. I haven't really looked into this and was curious to know
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    Many things, but the most prominent are Combo Chains. Using powers in unison with other's can create new effects in battle. This is beyond simply buffing your team mates or standing next to them for effects. This is one player casting an effect, while another casts over or through it to make another effect. I can see how really coordinated teams can make for an impressive battle.
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    FF11 had this, so it's not exactly new. :p Here is a list of new innovations in GW2 compiled by the folks over at mmorpg.com ( thank you! )

    Casting while moving
    No auto attack (you can set any skill on your bar to autocast, and one of them will be spammable)
    Attacks don't need a target, they'll hit whatever gets in their way
    Dodging attacks and projectiles
    Shield stance blocks projectiles from hitting you and people behind you
    Limited skillbar
    No holy trinity, players aren't locked into one role to the exclusion of all others
    Skills fit into broad categories of damage, control, or support
    Weapon(s) determine half your skill bar and give different skills than other weapons
    Players can potentially switch roles in combat (if weapon/skill choices plan for it)
    No ally targeted abilities
    Everyone has a self-heal ability which is the most powerful heal
    Downed state before dying, killing an enemy rallies you
    Downed state gives you a new, limited skillbar to fight back with
    Any player can rez anyone mid combat anytime, including NPCs.
    Very minimal death penalty.
    Picking up an environmental weapon changes your skillbar
    Thieves can steal environmental weapons from enemies
    You get full xp and loot for helping kill a mob whether grouped or ungrouped
    Hundreds of cross profession combos to enhance the effect of your skills, even ungrouped
    Mob aggro based on proximity and other factors
    NPC enemies can dodge your attacks
    NPC attacks may be deadlier due to ability of players to dodge and revive
    No mana/energy for any class (subject to change)
    Only four attributes. Power affects melee, range and spell damage

    Desire to have underwater be huge part of the world
    You have underwater only weapons
    Skills change to underwater versions
    Skills use the Z-axis
    No breath meter
    Drowned state, it's like downed state, but you can also get to the surface to rally
    Underwater friendly races and towns
    Rangers have underwater pets

    Dynamic Events:
    Completely replace quests in the open world
    Run whether players are there or not
    They actually happen instead of just being told about them
    Failable and not necessarily repeatable on failure
    Allow for victory and failure conditions not easily accomplished with quests
    Run in cycles so they're repeatable
    Encourage community by letting everyone participate at the same time
    Instantly scale up or down with number of players participating
    Reward everyone involved based on their amount of participation
    Chain together to keep people working together longer
    Affect the world in terms of what merchants sell and which waypoints are available
    Don't always run so you'll see different things when revisiting a zone
    Constantly adding new events to enhance replayability
    Boss fights which scale with number of players up to 100

    Open World:
    Entirely PVE
    No factions
    Designed to be as griefless as possible
    No race/class restrictions
    Phased gathering nodes that allow everyone to have a shot at them.
    Everyone can gather everything so no waiting on others/making people wait
    No set path through zones
    Automentoring keeps entire world's content rewarding and challenging
    Manual sidekicking to a higher level friend
    City to city ports so you can play with friends immediately.
    Teleportation to any waypoint you've unlocked
    Hidden events to reward explorers
    Day/night cycle which can affect your weapons' procs as well as trigger DEs at certain times
    Dynamic weather can trigger DEs (when snow falls) or be changed by DEs (NPC causes snow)
    Tasks to fill hearts in the open world, for completionists and NPC goodwill
    Boss fights at the end of all the tutorials put you right into the action

    Personal Story:
    Everyone has one big storyline from creation to level cap
    Choices made at character creation affect it
    Choices in game have consequences and can branch it
    Each player has a Home Instance section of town
    Character personality gives different dialog options and affects how NPCs react to you

    3 Faction World PVP against two other servers in large 4-zone maps
    No fixed limit to number of participants (though eventually technology would limit it)
    W/L record is kept
    After 2 weeks, your server is matched up against new, equal strength servers
    Winning server gets PVE buff of some kind
    Castles and keeps to hold, dynamic events to fight over, trade routes
    Destructable environments
    Players can level up entirely in World PVP
    Enemy players drop loot as if they were PVE enemies
    Hot joinable Structured PVP
    Structured PVP with custom rulesets
    Players in structured PVP are max level with all skills and gear so it's a level playing field
    PVP balanced separately from PVE

    Dungeons have a story mode separate from your personal story
    Completing story mode unlocks 3 explorable mode paths
    These show the consequences of the story mode
    There are random/hidden events in dungeons
    No raiding
    Get a token for armor/weapon everytime you complete a dungeon, no hoping for random drop

    Flat leveling curve
    Players can be in multiple guilds
    No endgame vertical gear progression in power
    30+ Minigames in cities
    400 dye colors, each piece of armor has three color sections
    Gear that can take up more than one armor slot
    Grindless crafting with discoverable recipes
    Use an iPad to see what your friends are doing in game and send them messages
    Auction house available from outside the game
    Translatable fictional languages
    Unconventional NPC races with deep lore
    Add your own music to ingame playlists, your battle music will start when you enter combat
    Playlists revert to in game music during cinematics
    Carrier pigeons deliver your mail to you
    No subscription fee
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    ^^^ Nice find!
    Hmm the dynamic events sound more and more like war hammer if you ask me.
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    They sound like alotta things actually. Warhammer was the first, then champions, then rift, etc. Only difference is GW2's events are gonna matter, meaning if no one performs them, then the land around it gets worse! The creatures dont just sit there waiting for attention, they expand and cause havok elsewhere.
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    i have read about that, seems quite awesome. I just hope they really pull it off successfully & not have it all *reset*
    "Enemy players drop loot as if they were PVE enemies"
    That part is interesting that i didn't know about PVP. But will it just be thrash loot or actually meaningful depending on the player. It would be cool if a player say with 100 kills 0 deaths drops in a sense more epic loot than somebody who has been dying left and right.
  7. Terminator

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    Dec 20, 2011
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    Hello :) I am quite sure ( correct me if wrong ) you get glory for practically anything pvp related which would be traded in at special merchants for loot similar to karma. But it would be cool indeed if you get extra glory for defeating a player who has been dominating.
  8. Knives

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    Oh, i was wondering what you get for pvp, i know that karma is given in pve but wasn't so sure how pvp worked. thanks for clearing that up.
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