Weather will affect you and the enemies

Discussion in 'The Division' started by Ishmael, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Ishmael

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    I was reading some articles about the game and recently Ubisoft has disclosed that the weather in The Division will have actual impact on the gameplay. Winter storms, for example, will affect both you and your enemies' aim. And cold temperatures are apparently another factor to consider while roaming the huge open world, implying that you may need heavier clothes to keep your character warm.

    You can read the rest of it on the official The Division developer blog. The article is titled:
    Intelligence Annex #7: Exploring the World.

    They also say that the in-game time of the day will be important as well. But they were vague about it.

    What do you guys think of this? I really like these survival aspects of the game, they are some of the things I was expecting from the game the most and I'm glad they're talking about them. It makes me much more hyped about the game.
  2. Player7

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    Perhaps missions that take place during the day give you a clearer visual about the places you should go to and most importantly where your enemies are standing. This would also give an advantage to them because they can see you better too. We were discussing the stealth gameplay at another thread, it's probable that stealth mechanics work better during night and give you the chance to hide better from enemies.

    Thinking about the weather and looking at the animation in the article you shared with us, it seems as if the character can walk/move faster when it's warm outside. When the temperature got colder the character seemed to have it more difficult when moving around. Maybe it's just my imagination but that was the impression I had. What do you guys think about it?
  3. JC_224

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    Has anyone seen if you can find or use gear similar to Night Vision goggles? I think engaging in missions or raids during the night would be a very valid tactic. Especially if you can customize your character to wear lighter camouflaged gear and be faster at the cost of less protection from direct combat. I've always loved the idea of sneaking around or being a silent assassin and the possibility of doing this in The Division is making me more hyped than ever for the game's release.
  4. d'arakh

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider already did something similar to this and I am so glad weather effects are becoming a standard in modern gaming. I always felt silly in other games running around in shorts while the winter was around me. Likewise, it is so cool that the weather actually effects your ability to shoot and I imagine there'll probably be some effect on your inventory as well.

    I don't think I've heard Night Vision goggles mentioned, but I think it's safe to assume that they'll be in the game. Especially if there's an effect of time of the day.
  5. razer

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    Sounds pretty nice on paper, though I'm wondering if it will prove to be an actual annoyance in game.
  6. Ishmael

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    Metal Gear Solid V also has weather effects that change how you play the game. When it rains it is more dark during the day and it's easier to sneak around, also the noise of your footsteps is drowned by the sound of the rain. There also sand storms that worsen the enemies' vision of the environment around them, and yours of course.

    There are many games nowadays that play with weather in interesting ways, so the fact that this stuff is also in a triple A game like The Division is almost a given at this point. :p
  7. d'arakh

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    That's so cool, I've really been meaning to get into Metal Gear Solid for a while now, I think I'll definitely have to check it out and soon. Yeah, I had no idea weather effects were that common :D But, I'm glad they are, it was about time.
  8. Delirium

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    That is so cool though! I've never played FPS games that have this feature (no, I don't play MGS) so this is very new and fresh to me. And yes, I'm really, really excited for it. I mean sure, it could be super annoying if the weather is like really random and changes from sunshine to full on blizzard within seconds or something like that, but I have faith in them. I'm really hoping they'll pull it off nicely because this is going to be one of the things from this game that stands out to me the most!
  9. FuZyOn

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    If they get the weather aspect right I think this will be a pretty interesting feature. It would make the game more realistic for sure, curious to see how it develops.
  10. Ishmael

    Ishmael Well-Known Member Regular

    That's an interesting observation. We don't know how long the day and night cycle actually is. They need to balance it out in order to not make the transition between a type of weather and another too jarring.
  11. d'arakh

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    I like how GTA handled it, I think it was one real-life minute for one in-game hour. Although I'm not sure how much will the weather change with daily cycles. We still don't know what kind of apocalypse it is, it could be a nuclear winter type scenario where it's just snow all the time.
  12. omagad

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    I think the weather influence is a bit over the top. I'm a hardcore survival player and I can tell you the weather is the most annoying thing ever. It's fun the first couple of hours but then, you wish you could activate god mode.

    It's not enough that you need to watch out for the mobs, or even worse, more accurate players in pvp, but you also have to constantly watch the temperature bar and make changes accordingly.
  13. Delirium

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    I think somewhere between 10-15 minutes would be perfect, but I'm not too worried about the day and night cycle in general. All the games I've played that have the feature pulled it just fine, and if anything I suppose they could patch it.. more work for us, but it's just the daily pain of us people who get games less than a month after they were released. What I'm worried about is the AI being set to random and there being a sunshine two seconds after we got a massive storm. I hope there'll be some sort of transition period so it's not too sudden.
  14. d'arakh

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    Well you see, I love that weather is influencing the game and I feel like grapple hook from Just Cause is over the top. Weather adds realism and despite how silly this may sound, post apocalyptic genre desperately needs it.
  15. Cyborg Superman

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    Wow, this is pretty cool. I bet it will be annoying sometimes but that's the point... In terms of it being realistic, weather would definitely impede you in that scenario and circumstance, so it's great that games are upping the realism in other ways than just graphics. This might make weather affecting gameplay into being the norm and we'll all be expecting games to have this by default.
  16. harpazo22

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    This is very interesting! I think it'd make the game more fun because of the challenge the weather will bring. I'm excited to see this in effect.
  17. Maelalove

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    I welcome a weather aspect with open arms! I've always had a thing for games being realistic. I prefer my games to be a world i can believe in and delve into, something I can picture. Or at least want to picture. This is the kind of game that gets me excited enough to immerse myself wholeheartedly into the plotline. I feel like the weather and time of day determining better chances at doing something or having to push something off because its too frigid outside, would add to the realism and the feel of the game.
  18. Steve Dawson

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    I'm glad they've included this dynamic, having to consider the weather, and maybe even having to predict it, plan for it will add an exciting dynamic to the game that will give it an element of depth thats going to add loads to it. I can't wait to find out if they've included heavy storms and sudden blizzards.
  19. BoxofCereal

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    I think added survival mechanics are a good idea. It will really help capture the immersion of surviving in a broken down society. The winter storm thing is interesting. MMOs could add a lot of depth to their games if they included weather effects that did more than change the aesthetics. Personally, I wish they simply made the storm affect vision, that way your aim is still based on your skill. (Though that is very important.) If they're going to make temperature something that needs to me monitored, I'd like to see them toy with adding food as well. Either way, these inclusions are good news.
  20. Skyoctave

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    I think they're brilliant. Weather is often a tricky element to work with in terms of gaming, to get that right effect. So we'll have to really see how it actually plays out for ourselves. It should sure add some depth to the flow of gameplay so I'm hyped!
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