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Hi there,

Just got the game Ryse Son of Rome on PC and I friggin love it!, I'm really hooked to it. Awesome job!

Just a couple of suggestions though...
The only thing that I think is missing IMO, is a Verses Mode under multiplayer where you can have players fight players that can also put a wager on themselves to win.
Example: player A vs. player B, player A places 50 gold coins in betting pot, player B can call or raise and winner takes all. Play A can call the raise or refuse... similar to poker.

Also to really make it more interesting, like in them old gladiator times, people can observe other or big matches and also place bets on who will win. The winning gladiator also takes a percentage from the public's bets as a bonus reward for entertaining the audience and completing the match objectives, abit like boxers do in nowadays big matches.

I'm just wondering could this be in the next DLC maybe and what do you guys think?