Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by Sinfield, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Sinfield

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    This game is a solid 8/10 in the original version. With the unofficial patches that were made by players after Activision stopped caring about the game it becomes a 10/10. Almost all bugs were fixed, textures were polished and there's some extra stuff too that never made it into the official version.

    This game probably one of the few out there about vampires that manages to have an intriguing storyline and not keep the impression of vampires being an overdone idea by allowing players to approach different situations in lots of different ways. I think I finished this game at least 5-6 times just to see what else could have been done if I chose a different path.
  2. Cereus

    Cereus Well-Known Member Regular

    What's impressive is that the support is done by the fan community. Like holy cow dedication.
  3. troutski

    troutski Well-Known Member Regular

    I love it when the community steps up and finishes the job for the developers. I only have basic experience in this game, but I thoroughly enjoy it whenever I play a couple hours here and there.
  4. Robert89

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    I love love love this game! The most impressive part to me is actually how such an immersive and interactive RPG was made essentially in the same way as any Half-Life 2 mod. Did you know that? Interesting little tidbit of trivia!

    The setting is awesome too. I'd really like another dev to license VTM and give us a 3rd video game based on the IP!
  5. vegito12

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    It was a nice thing that the community did the remaining part and fixed the issues that the game had, which did fix the glitches and bugs that were occurring and has been 10 years since the game was made. I like how the game has a good story, and also gives a good insight on vampires compared to other games which involve them. I enjoyed how the game gave you different ideas on how to approach situations and could get different endings depending on how you played the game.
  6. Chris_A

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    Bloodlines is one of best RPGs ever made, in my opinion. The immersion one gets while playing it, is spot on unreal. And all the different clans play totally different. Just play as a Malkavian, and you`ll know what I mean. Kudos to the community for supporting the game for nearly 10+ years and improving it.
  7. Athilea

    Athilea Well-Known Member

    I haven't really played it before. From what I'm reading here, though, it sounds great. I'm going to look into it. It sounds amazing.
  8. tubestud

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    For anyone reading who wants to try it, don't pick Malkavian when you first start. You'll understand the voices better if you've already finishedd the game.
  9. Athilea

    Athilea Well-Known Member

    I'll keep that in mind, tubestud. It's good to have a suggestion like that before you even start the game.
  10. obliviousme

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    I installed this before on my laptop and the first thing that happened when i opened the game, well it crashed on me. So i never really had the chance to play the game because i gave up on it. Now years later, i might try installing this on my PC, i completely forgot about this game to be honest. Seeing this post reminds me of my first encounter of this game. lol
  11. razer

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    So I just played through this game for the first time and I wasn't disappointed. I think the dialogue quality is what impressed me the most, probably the best so far in any RPG. Unfortunately the game takes a dive in quality near the end, like most other classics ( Deus Ex, System Shock 2 ). Chinatown just wasn't nearly as good as the 3 previous hubs.
  12. Writeratyourservice

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    I have to agree with this.
  13. Writeratyourservice

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    I see.
  14. Blader70

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    I have not heard of this game until now but it sounds a bit interesting.
  15. Annejk18

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    I have to see this game. Everyone has a good review of it. I think it is a must see. I really appreciate it when players step up to help develop the game. It's a good idea.