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  1. Did anyone else not see that coming at all? It was such a shocking ending for me. I instantly replayed just to analyze everything Solas was doing and what he was saying. I even played a female elf just so I could romance him.

    I hope he's a big part of the next game. I can see him coming back as a great power and an all out revolution happens. How great would it be for the elves to no longer be 2nd class citizens?

    He was my favorite character too. Solas you betrayed me :(
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    From the beginning of Inquisition I felt like there was a traitor in the inner circle, but I honestly did not think it was Solas. I knew something was different about him, but I did not see him betraying me like that. I know he's doing it for the good of his people, and I can say that the elves do deserve more respect. I do think he will make a return in the next game... hopefully he will explain himself.
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    He did not seem the sort and at times I thought Leilana would be the one as she was upset over her friend's death and can turn to the dark side if you let her, Solas may have good ideas but can be harmful. He is sort of like Loghain, who thought he was doing the right things like during the blight, was wrong in how he went about it and let Howe torture and kill people which was wrong. I think the Elves want better changes and want to be viewed as trustworthy as well, and not as outcasts and also the humans need to have better relationships with non humans to survive in the world.
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    The first play through I didn't expect it at all. I really like Solas. I think he is such an interesting character. My second play through I tried to pick up on some sights that he was the dread wolf. I found a book in the Exalted Plains that was all about The Dread Wolf. I think he is going to be a big part in the new game. If you haven't played the DLC Trespasser, I really suggest that you do. It explains a lot when it come to Solas and his actions. It is really a great DLC and it helps out a lot with the whole Inquisition story.
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    I figured he was more than he seemed, but I didn't think he was the Dread Wolf, no. Main problem being that I didn't use Solas all that often since I didn't find him that amazingly interesting a character. It took the twist to make him interesting for me.
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    When I played it, I got the impression that he was a little bit too knowledgeable about the whole thing. The fact that he knew right away how the Inquisitor should interact and use it was the thing for me. I knew he played some part, just not that HE was the dread wolf, the entire reason for the game to have taken place.