Shepard or FemShep?

Discussion in 'Mass Effect' started by Jesse93, May 15, 2015.

  1. Jesse93

    Jesse93 Member

    Do you play as Shepard or FemShep? And why? I play as FemShep, I just find she's a lot better of a character, and the voice actor is a lot better. Even though I'm a dude, I feel more connected to her.
  2. Narukami

    Narukami Well-Known Member Regular

    I play with male Shepard because I'm a guy. I mean, I don't mind playing female characters at all, but in cases like this, I feel that the MC is a sort of blank slate that I'm supposed to mold myself, so I prefer to make the character resemble me as much as possible.

    I definitely don't mind playing female characters, though, not at all. But yeah. I see Shepard as an avatar more than a character, so I want him to be as close to myself as possible, I guess.
  3. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Well-Known Member Regular

    I feel the same way.

    Which is why I went FemShep all the way. There's nothing better than kicking Reaper ass while looking pretty:p
  4. niiro17

    niiro17 Well-Known Member Regular

    In a lot of games that I played, I always make my character a male. And I don't hate to play as a female on the game but yeah I prefer to play as a male.
  5. llfsa

    llfsa Active Member

    Default male Shepard for me. I like it how they modelled the character and more importantly it fits his voice!
  6. cassidy

    cassidy Member

    While I enjoy playing as female characters from time to time, as far as Shepard is cconcerned I tend to go with my own gender. I'm not exactly sure way, somehow in this case it seems to be the better choice. Actually I've never even tries playing as FemShep, and I'm not even sure I want to.
  7. Spectre456

    Spectre456 Well-Known Member Regular

    If there's an option to choose male or female in a game I always go for male, simply because I consider the character an extension of myself in that world. I might replay the game with a female character, but for the first playthrough I am always male.

    ACSAPA Well-Known Member Regular

    I play as Femshep because I'm a woman and I like customizing her to look pretty and Asian. It's still fun to do the alien seductions because some of the female aliens will still have sex with you, even if you're a female. Bioware also had some same sex options in Jade Empire.
  9. West

    West Well-Known Member Regular

    I like Femshep's voice and face more. Male Shepard looks and sounds absolutely ridiculous. However, you can't romance Tali with Femshep...So...I often play as male Shepard ;)
  10. Chris_A

    Chris_A Well-Known Member Regular

    I only really played with male Shep so far, but I have heard a ton of good things about the voice acting of FemShep. Replaying the game as female Shepard is on my backlog for a long time and I will get to it as soon as time permits.
  11. d'arakh

    d'arakh Well-Known Member Regular

    Hm, that's weird, although I did have female characters in other RPGs. My first Shepard was a guy and I made him look like me so I was connected to him and I was able to carry on that save throughout the games so I never even thought about changing the sex.
  12. Bannon

    Bannon Active Member Regular

    I've done playthroughs with both maleshep and femshep and I've got to say that femshep just comes off as a more natural fit for the part. There's something about how her VA delivered Shepard's lines that made her seem like a perfect fit for the game as opposed to maleshep who felt a bit flat. Though as far as relationships go, maleshep definitely has more options in every game but I think that comes second to the story of Mass Effect anyway.
  13. shadejb

    shadejb Well-Known Member Regular

    Male Shep for me. Jennifer Hale is the voice for FemShep if anyone is wondering; she does a lot of voices in games (Mazzy in Baldur's Gate 2, Juni in Freelancer, Bastilla in KOTOR and much more). She is great, but I always feel like the romance option is lacking for FemShep, so I'd stick with my Male Shep.
  14. mett1982

    mett1982 Active Member Regular

    I have only played as male Shepard because I feel like that is the way you are suppose to play. Even though I am a female, I feel that the male shepard is a better character. I have watched videos with femshepard and she seems like a great character too but I've played as Shepard so many times, I don't think I could go with the other option.
  15. SLTE

    SLTE Well-Known Member Regular

    Femshep. The first time I watched anyone play Mass Effect they were playing as Femshep, and I thought she was badass. Then I started my own game, as a male Shepard, and found him... not as good. Restarted with Femshep and have stuck with her ever since. Jennifer Hale has the voice of a take-no-crap commander, and she only gets better with each game.