RPG rumours you fell for?

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by SLTE, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Every video game has its own share of rumoured secrets, but I think RPGs can outstrip more other genres in this regard. I'm talking about stupid folk tales that speak of incredible feats achievable in games, such as reviving General Leo in FFVI or playing as a human Frog in Chrono Trigger. Some jerk starts a rumour, it gets passed around, and soon hundreds of dupes are trying to replicate a feat that cannot be replicated. Are there any RPG-related rumours that managed to make a fool of you?

    I fell for one of the more notorious ones: reviving Aeris in Final Fantasy VII. The early permutations of the internet convinced me that I could, in fact, keep her alive if I got her to level 77 before she left the party. I spent a loooooot of time grinding in the forest outside the Temple of Ancients only to learn it wasn't true. Gave me a damned strong team for the rest of the game, though...
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    I once heard that you could play as Luigi in Super Mario RPG after beating the game and entering a special combination in the controller... bullsh*t. Haha, but I rushed to beat the game so I could unlock Luigi...
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    I fell for the good old "collect all 150 Pokemon and win x amount of times in the league to get some item that will give you Mew" rumor as a kid when Pokemon was like crack among school kids. There were literal Round Table discussions during lunchtime on this myth and I was knee deep in trying to investigate this rumor just like my friends.
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    How about the rumor where you could evolve Graveler, Kadabra, Machoke, Gengar etc. getting them to level 75. Goddammit... There's a special place in hell for those claiming these things , XD.
    Later I learned that you needed to trade them to evolve them.
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    Hmm, I'm not too sure. There was probably a point in time where I thought there would be a new pokemon game coming out for the gameboy or the DS.
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    Not specific to RPG per se. But I actually fall for recent news of the half life being coming back as PUBG style game. And that made me wonder if something like this would be really true. Obviously the Half life company is dead now it's not possible.
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    I have the same thing that happened to you. Silly us.