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    I've been noticing a lot of new ppl taking interest in GW2, when they haven't a clue about the world and it's races from GW1. Choosing a race that best describes what you like, or how you are, can be a daunting task. So I decided to give my input on all the races & give a general attitude on how they can be summed up. Again, this is a personal take and does not give a complete lore approved view of the races in question.

    Human: Self explainitory. The Humans of Tyria are a very expansive and hopeful race. They tend to be short-sided, with only their best interest in mind, but aren't afraid to make new friends.

    Charr: Strength is all that matters. If you cannot survive, then let nature take you. This, however, does not mean they don't have a strong sense of sister or brotherhood. They treat each other as trusted allies rather than good friends or neighbors. Social gatherings are not needed, and while friends are few, they are bound by blood.

    Asura: Science, Advancement, Profit. These are the main goals to an Asura. Public safety and good intentions are not needed when theres history to be made. Very driven, and very greedy at times. Treat yourself as if your a modern day person in an archaic world.

    Norn: Honor & Glory! Norn's are judged by this in every aspect of their lives. If you do not strive to be the best at what you do, then what are you? Your sense of community ends with the company you keep. You'd rather help a trusted friend or ally then just anyone, as they may not be deserving of your aid. You fight battles to win, for mostly yourself, so that others may tell tales of your greatness.

    Sylvari: A clean slate, or a newly born with the understanding of an adult. You know many things, in great detail, yet have not experienced them yourself. You have no social behaviors as well, and must be learned on the fly. Things like lying, or joking are foreign to you, but are still able to enjoy these things. Treat yourself like an andriod, but with emotions.

    Hopefully this will give some new ppl an insight on the many new races to choose from.
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    I really love your descriptions of each race. Good read on the Charr, a lot of people have a gist of what each race is about except the Charr. Just by looking at the rest of the races you practically know where they're coming from by just a glance:
    When you see the Norn you think of a barbarian, Humans.. well humans. Asura have technology all over the place and just by that you somewhat understand them. Sylvari look like loving avatars. :p Charr.. some beast you haven't seen before.
    Thanks for contributing & this will greatly help others who are new to the game deciding on a race based on personalities.
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    Norn are straight up bad ass, but ill have to go with science & advancement. Brains not brawn :)
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    Charr ftw ! :p
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