Playing the series backwards: A different perspective

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  1. I am not good at FPSs so I tend to avoid them, but after hearing about how the story arcs were amazing and you get so emotionally invested in the characters I picked it up. Now, usually the 'story mode' on games is still challenging for me (thanks bad eyesight) but all my friends were right! I could do this!

    After my first play though of ME3 I bought 2 in a humble bundle and I was SO angry at Shep for working with the illusive man. I understand no one was listening to her and she needed to beat the collectors, but at what cost?

    I'm just about to start the first game and now I'm going to play all the way through 3 with all of the DLC I finally bought. I'm excited to see how the series starts, but also sad to know that the journey with Shepard is over. I just fell in love with all of these guys and now we're going to have a new story with new characters? No!

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    What an interesting way to play it! I played ME 2 first, then watched my roommate play through the 3rd, and then played partially through the 1st (and saw other people play most of it). I am biased obviously, but I think the 2nd was the best. The largest roster and the most fun! The third made too many choices irrelevant, and closed up the roster.
    I agree that it's sad that ME4 or whatever comes next is going to be something/someone else. I was more okay with that in Dragon Age, but ME has had the same people for so long, to change them all will change everything.