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Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by MrGravyCakes, May 19, 2015.

  1. MrGravyCakes

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    I've been thinking a lot lately about how PC gaming is just about dominated by the modifications that the users come up with (mostly because of the most recent events with rockstar) do you think that this is a positive thing or a negative thing? I personally believe that this is a positive thing in most cases and in all cases that involve some sort of direct hand in filtering what gets through or not by the official company - not unlike many add-ons within the MMO gaming community.
  2. zephyrain

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    It definitely is! One successful example would be Kerbal Space Program. If you take a look at their forums there is a TON of mod work, and even after 1.0 release the developers even went so far as to integrate the most useful ones! (Such as plane/rocket parts, aerodynamics model improvement, and all that jazz). Recognizing that the community might be capable of something really good is a good way of interacting with them and, personally I like being a contributor towards the success of something, and it gives a whole new element to how fun can be had!
  3. arghyadeep

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    I think modding of games to be very positive. Modding is a very fine art and should be encouraged to provide support to the people who do the work of Modding without thinking of direct income through their work.

    Modding has many advantages, one of them is that it can make the game as you like by changing it partially or completely.
  4. Athilea

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    I think it's a positive thing. Honestly, I question what some game makers are thinking when they make the characters hair. I mean, the hair in Skyrim is disappointing. the same with Dragon Age Inquisition. I am still waiting for a hair mod for that game so I can stand to look at my character.
  5. anadrotowski

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    Modding games can be very positive. We are experimenting with our games and also getting the best entertainment of out these games by adding simple mods to enhance our gameplay. Some aspects of games are just gonna suck regardless, so why not fix it up a bit?
  6. tubestud

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    It's a great thing. It prolongs the life of the game by a lot. And if a mod is very popular, it might bring in new sales.
    The only bad thing I can think of is using them to cheat in online sessions. But this can be easily solved by downloading the mod to every player who joins, so everyone can be on equal footing.
  7. troutski

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    Modding is a good thing, but it's definitely not what games are all about, even on PC aside from some obvious titles.
  8. grinder

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    Modding is a really important aspect of a game since it gives to the game itself some more content created by the user thus it lift from the developers some "todo" thingies so that they can focus on developing the next title. Also, modding means enchanting the gmes with new features and this is always a good thing.
  9. Oblivious

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    I think that's one of the reasons people prefer to game on PCs instead of consoles. Having the option to mod is certainly appealing.

    Most games can be modified in some way and in the case of games like Skyrim for example, the modding community is what keeps the game alive for years. Even older games like Morrowind and Oblivion are still being modded.

    The Steam Workshop has also given the opportunity to people who were clueless on how to mod a game to have access to user-created content easily.

    Modding has been given a mainstream treatment in recent years, so that shows you just how important it is considered for PC gamers.
  10. tinybutnotfangless

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    PC gaming is just much better in terms of customizability and performance. Something that console gaming still lacks. Having the ability to mod games give PC's an even bigger advantage over consoles. It's also a lot easier to patch up, apply mods and tweak games with the PC.
  11. Obi

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    Games where the developer works with the modders are always the best ones. Just thin about the workshop on Steam; the Source games have the best mods you could find, Garry's Mod is literally a sandbox with entire game modes made by modders!

    There are few downsides to making and using mods, and the sooner we can integrate with consoles the better, I think so anyway.
  12. niiro17

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    It's a positive thing for me. Modding makes the game more amazing and you can do a lot of stuff that doesn't include in the game. Sometimes modding are one of the reasons why more people buy games.
  13. Gamepreneur

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    I think that it can be seen as a major positive as it helps to keep the given online gaming community alive for years to come. If you use Terraria for example, there was a long gap where developers didn't do anything and if it wasn't for modders that came in and continually added unique types of content, the game very well could have dried up and that would have been it. In fact, games that don't support the ability of convenient modding seem to die out in a much faster fashion.