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    Quake Champions has been slowly but surely unveiling all the characters you can play as in the game, as well as in the beta that is available now. But now, they've unveiled their latest one, Galena, which you can view via the trailer link below.

    "Galena is a healer and a warrior, skilled in both giving and taking life. Raised in the Dreamlands, where she faces off against Champions from across the waking world in twisted Arenas, Galena is a force to be reckoned with. Watch the Unholy Paladin dole out divine punishment in the latest Quake Champions profile trailer."

    Galena is both a fighter and a healer and can use techniques like her Unholy Toten to either blow enemies sky high or heal her teammates.

    "She’s not the fastest Champion in the Arenas, but she’s resilient, and with her Unholy Totem and Channeling abilities, she’s even harder to frag," Bethesda said.

    More champions are sure to be unveiled soon.The moment another is unveiled we'll let you know.
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